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At 85, Obasanjo still active in farming, Agrichainx leaders tell Nigeria youth

By Yemi Itodo

Nigeria’s foremost indigenous agricultural technology promoter, Agrichainx Innovative Technology, has charged Nigerian youth to emulate former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, whom it described as father of modern agriculture in Nigeria.

In a message of congratulations to Chief Obasanjo, to celebrate his 85th birthday on Saturday, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Head of Partnership and External Relationship of Agrichainx, Amb (Dr.) Godfrey Otoaye and Hon. (Amb). Peace Patrick, respectively, said the country would be peaceful and conducive to live in, if all leaders encouraged their people to farm, like Obasanjo does.

“If only our leaders sensitise the youth and also engage in active farming like Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, I’m sure the country would have been peaceful and conducive. All these issues of insecurity and criminality would be brought to its bearest minimum.

“Since he left power in 2007, he has been actively involved in farming. Go to his farm in Otta, it is the largest. The production of agricultural goods there is carried out on more than 30 thousand hectares of land. More than 5,500 workers are employed on the farms to work daily.

“Also in Oluyole, Ibadan, Baba has the biggest farm that produces the largest poultry that services over 7 states. His farm in Benue State alone is seated over 2000 hectares of land and boasts of over 100 workers, before it was burnt recently.

“Who would have such huge investments in agriculture and would not command the workforce. Agriculture is the new thing now that oil is drying. The earlier our leaders and youth go back to 100% farming, the better for Nigeria”, the statement said.

It stressed that, Agrichainx has provided a huge opportunity for the youth, as an online marketplace, connecting trade networks from farmers to buyers, adding that, it creates direct business tie-ups between farmers, transporters, cold storage providers, retailers, and consumers.

The statement added that, a micro-finance scheme has also been created for smallholder’s farmers, that makes grassroots financing such as lending, crowdfarming and savings possible, while enhancing financial support for farmers.

The agriculture experts also said their organization boasts of a large scale farmland in Nasarawa State, assuring Nigerians of stable farm capital, when Agrichainx launches its cooperative in Abuja next week.

To boast the financial fortunes of the participating youth and farmers, they said the technology has also introduced Agricoin, which is agrichainx’s institutionalized blockchain-based tokens, saying, Agricoin (AGX) is the currency for ecosystem used in carrying out transactions within the platform.

The Agrichainx community, while wishing the octogenarian well in his new age, also prayed God to continue to keep and preserve him, to be able to guide “our crop of leaders and the incoming generation”.

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