ASD family faults police, insists daughter’s second marriage legal

The family of Alh. Sani Dauda (ASD) has described the campaign   by the Nigeria Police Force with respect to the ill-treatment being suffered over their daughter’s marriage as a move  laced with half-truths.

Describing the second marriage of their daughter, Nasiba as legal, Sadi Ibrahim  in a statement on behalf of the family said her first marriage had been appropriately nullified.

The statement said in part “The attention of the family of Alh. Sani Dauda (ASD) has been drawn to a publication making the rounds of a supposed public enlightenment campaign being embarked upon by the police public enlightenment campaign program ostensibly aimed at reversing the truth and upturning the public sympathy the family enjoys from the injustice meted out to it by the Nigerian police Force.

“It is disheartening to learn that the PPEC only took a cursory look and made observations from what has been going on in the public space, rather than taking an indepth look at the events and making inquiries to get to the root of the matter and unearth the truth.

“Our position is not dictated by  falsehood, exaggeration, half truths or outright lies. The legal position not withstanding the police we concur has the onerous duty to maintain, peace, law and order and can investigate a matter likely to result in the breach of the peace and resolve any threat to peace and peaceful coexistence amicably.

“We also concede that the police can invite any person to come and clear any grey areas to a reported or petitioned case before them. We however find it difficult to reconcile the purported investigation of a body set up by the police to enlighten members of the public on its activities and to find their position to be equitable, fair and objective in which the police are interested parties . 

“Nasiba was never wrong when she explained that the marriage was duly nullified by a sharia court and was eligible under Islamic law and jurisprudence to consummate another marriage. Contrary to the postulation that the judgement of Mal. Nuhu M. Falalu of the Tudun Wada Sharia court was nullified and set aside by an appellate court through an appeal by Abubakar Musa (Nasiba’s ex husband) to the upper Shariah court it is heartwarming to state that the appeal was denied and the subsisting judgement nullifying the marriage was upheld while still intact and relevant. 

“Contrary to the report of the PPSE of an outstanding appeal on this matter there is no pending appeal anywhere except the one instituted a week ago by Abubakar Musa( Nasiba’s ex husband), Even at that there is no order to stay execution of the former judgement which therefore confers legitimacy on a new marriage to be contracted without impugning or infringing  upon the law under whatever guise.

“It is therefore absurd to assume or insinuate that there is any breach of the penal code, common laws or shariah law when an appeal has failed and the decision of the lower court is upheld. A second marriage under such circumstance is not only valid but legal as well. 

“It is imperative for us to state clearly that for us to have arrived at the observed bias exhibited by the interference of Inspector General of police in the matter, it is not by conjecture but facts and circumstances surrounding the matter. Apart from Nasiba the former wife of Abubakar Musa knowing the extant personal relationship between her ex-husband and the Inspector General of police, the withdrawal of the father’s police security from both home and office ”describing the move as clandestine

“We find it difficult to reconcile the claim that during the contraction  of a legal marriage as a public event attended by all and sundry, a concerned citizen will stand up to notify the public of the illegality and illegitimacy of such an event and to the extent that ASD will instruct that he be beaten up to a pulp. This  type of narrative can only be juxtaposed and perceived from a movie like position.

“Can the vituperations and the outburst of a concerned citizen stop or even vitiate the marriage? Did those solemnizing the marriage hearken to the call of the concerned citizen and abandoned their duty? Did the marriage not take place? Why then is the beating of the concerned citizen necessary? Is the concerned citizen ( if any ) not an agent of the former husband who was determined to destabilize  the solemnization by all means necessary? Why was the beating of a helpless concerned citizen necessary and if such took place what evidence abound that ASD gave an express order for the act to be carried out?Is it not possible to have an overzealous crowd who can act on their own volition without prompting?. These posers are worth ruminating over. The general consensus is that the whole drama was stage managed in order to have a reason to deal with Nasiba and her father for no justifiable cause. 

The statement questioned  the alleged role of the Inspector General of Police in the entire saga.