Asari-Dokubo : Nigeria is like an atomic bomb waiting to explode


“We have been calling for a SNC as the only people panacea to the myriad of problems affecting the people in this geographical expression called Nigeria.  Inevitably there will be a clash of those who are oppressing and those who are oppressed. And that is what they are pushing the people to, so for me the call for SNC is inevitable, nobody can stop it except they

want us to go the way of Yugoslavia and other countries”says Asari Dokubo the   leader of Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Mujahid Asari  Dokubo.He  argued that without the SNC Nigeria is likely to break up violently contending that the convening of  SNC is inevitable, and those working against it wish the fate of Yugoslavia on the country.

His comment is further indication that  the call for Sovereign National Conference  (SNC) continues to generate tension like a  gathering  storm.Some of its adherents  describe it as an  inevitable end  to prevent the country from an implosion.

Dokubo  further adds that without SNC, Nigeria’s break up  surely happen. “It is inevitable.  Nigeria cannot remain, it is not sancrosanct, Nigeria can never remain, it will dissolve. If you watch, Nigeria is like an atomic bomb waiting to explode. When the implosion happens, there is nothing that will contain it, let them not postpone doomsday.

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“Why are Ijaw people still saying they don’t want Nigeria even when their son is President? When Obasanjo was President, some Yoruba people mellowed down, but Ijaw people are  in the forefront of the people who are asking  for a SNC, because we know if Ijaw people  are alone, we will develop at our own pace. If we are drinking kai-kai, we will be drinking kai-kai on our own, we don’t want anybody to come and tell us that we are drinking kai-kai. If

we are lazy and we are sleeping, we will be sleeping in our homes, it is  not the business  of anybody that Ijaw people are sleeping.  If we want to import labour, we can go and import labour to come and work for us, to come and wash  our plates so that we can be sleeping and drinking kai-kai, that is our business, it does not concern anybody. What we are saying is  that Ijaw people are better off if they are on their own.” He declared.

Dokubo further urged President Goodluck Jonathan to facilitate the convening of the SNC as he has no other solution to contain the violence of the Boko Haram element and threats from the Niger-Delta militants.

“President Jonathan does not have a choice, he has no choice, he should accept it. Obasanjo came and we believe that Obasanjo being a Yoruba man will set the standard, and clear the way for the SNC, he did not, we will not continue to postpone doomsday. Doomday is coming. There is no country that 200 people will be killed and people will keep mute, in Nigeria,, 200 people were killed in one day and it is as if nothing has happened. So if they killed in Kano and they come and kill in Yenagoa, will Ijaw people fold their arms? They will not, they will react, and innocent Northerners on the streets of Yenagoa will be killed, in Buguma, my community innocent Northerners will be killed because Ijaw people had been killed in Yenagoa.”

“SNC is the best option because we don’t need to kill anybody, we  don’t need to cause pains, we will just sit down, but will those who believe that they are born to rule, allow us to settle peacefully? That is the question. The people who believe that they are born to rule, will they allow us to settle peacefully? Because for us to settle peacefully is the best option open to us. Today we have crisis in the North, and if others retaliate, like what happened in Onitsha briefly, we will be going back to the Civil  War” he argued

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