Art Exhibition:Emmah Mbanefo Holds Historic Solo

‘Ambivalence’, a historic solo exhibition of the renowned artist    Emmah Mbanefo, will open at Nimbus Art Gallery, Ikoyi, Lagos, on April 20, 2012. ‘Ambivalence’ will feature paintings, etchings, sculptures and installations.

Describing the theme of the exhibition, Mbanefo, said: “Ambivalence is premised on the understanding that in all things there is a foundation, one which is predetermined and beyond control. However, that singular foundation is challenged, pushed and pulled as we fight to define ourselves. Ambivalence is the search for the good, the spirit of humanity. In exploring ambivalence, the work explores, and sifts through humanity, interrogating emotions – strong feelings.

The collection of which is simply ambivalent, made up of both the positive and the negative. Yet, when one looks deeply enough therein lies a foundation of goodness, in the individual spirit and in humanity as a whole, goodness that is defined by humanity’s balance, association  and place in accordance with the laws of nature. It is the quest to see this goodness, to bring out this goodness in day-to-day life that the works of ‘Ambivalence’ explore.”

According to Chike Nwagbogu, the Creative Director of Nimbus Gallery, the exhibition is the much sought after opportunity for art patrons to assuage their cravings; given the creativity and versatility of the artist. “As social entrepreneurs committed to using art as a vehicle for fostering societal change, we at Nimbus are proud to collaborate with Emmah Mbanefo in presenting ‘Ambivalence’,” he said.

Nwagbogu also noted that “Mbanefo’s inspiration and driving force is the continuous pursuit of artistic originality and perfection with the fervent belief that through his work, this spirit of excellence can be set loose on the greater Nigerian and African psyche for true freedom of expression to reign.”

The exhibition will be declared open by a leading patron of the arts, His Majesty Nnaemeka Achebe, the Obi of Onitsha, on April 20, 2012, at 5pm. It will run until May 6, 2012, and is expected to attract the crème of Nigeria’s art patrons, critics, amongst others.

Emmah Mbanefo was born 1960 in Jos, Plateau State. He studied Fine Arts at the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, majoring in sculpture and textiles. Over the years, Mbanefo has developed a reputation for producing bold and imaginative works. During this period, he has had close working contact with such masters as Ben Enwonwu, Ben Osawe, Okpu Eze and Bruce Onobrakpeya.

Mbanefo’s works take pride of place in public spaces and in private collections within and outside Nigeria.

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