Armed Forces Remembrance Day: Taraba Speaker salutes courage of army

By Sylvanus Viashima, Jalingo

The Speaker Taraba State of Assembly Dr Joseph Albasu Kunini on Friday commended the of Nigerian military personnel in confronting security challenges facing the and that the country remain indivisible entity.


Kunini who spoke to journalists in Jalingo as part of activities to mark this year’s armed Remembrance Day noted that the role of containing internal security and cohesion as well as protecting the territorial integrity of the country has put a lot of strain on of the armed .


He urged the people to pray for of the especially those on the front line in the fight against insurgency, banditry and militancy in various parts of the country and for the families of those who have lost their lives in the course of working for the safety of the country.



“This day affords us to to really honor and women of the armed Forces who are working round the clock to ensure that we stay in safety. Most times, more easily inclined to look at the negative attitudes of some men of the armed Forces that us develop negative impression about them, without thinking about the huge sacrifices they are making for our common good.


“On days like this, we can look back, doff our hats in salutations and tell thank you for a job well done. Their sacrifices are not lost on us. We know that the Nigerian armed Forces are especially fighting under very difficult circumstances. They enjoy very little cooperation the people they are working for and are often under armed to confront the enemy.


“The added responsibilities of containing insurgency, banditry, militancy and challenges in the country and even getting involved in civil situations such as general elections has taken a toll on the Nigerian armed Forces undoubtedly. Their and tenacity in confronting these challenges head on is not only commendable but highly admirable. The least we can do is to pray for them and especially remember the families of those who have paid the ultimate price for our safety”.