Appraising road development in Bwari Area Council (FCT) in 2021

In recent times, most residents of Bwari Area Council in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, agree that for many years, one of the major challenges faced by motorists and residents of Bwari town has been bad roads within the major axis of the town.

On many occasions, they have solicited the attention of the authorities, including the council administration on the need to have good access road to the satellite town that is one of the closest to Abuja metropolis.

The residents observe that although efforts have been made by past administrations to rehabilitate some of the roads, especially those linking institutions located in Bwari such as the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Headquarters, the Nigerian Law School, the council secretariat and Dutse-Bwari road construcytion

Bwari Central Market, nothing substantial was done before the present administration of the Bwari Area Council.

The residents note that another area of great concern is the popular Sabon-gari road, a major residential area that housed many public servants as well as businesses within the community that was almost inaccessible due to portholes.

They observe that the Chairman, Bwari Area Council, Mr John Gabaya, on resuming office in 2019, assured residents that his administration would stop at nothing to address issues on road rehabilitation.

Gabaya attests to this, saying that during his 2021 budget presentation to the council’s legislation in March, he mentioned it that work on the major roads had begun and progress was being made on the projects.

He said that his administration, which began reconstruction in 2020, had against all odds, been able to complete the construction and rehabilitation of the Sabon-gari road and was working to complete others.

He said that the long abandoned Bwari township road, which he described as an eyesore and an embarrassment to the council, has been on a steady progress.

Bwari Area Council Secretary Eli Kadanya said getting approval and funds for the commencement of the project was not just human efforts put together but a divine intervention through which the Gabaya administration was used to put back smiles on the faces of the people.

He noted that the roads, although yet to be officially commissioned, was already serving its purpose to the joy of the people and the satisfaction of the administration.

Some traders in the Zamayi market, the council’s central market, lauded the efforts of the council chairman and his administration for taking up these major roads mad making them a priority.

The traders in separate interviews said that the road rehabilitation would help to boost their businesses.

Mr Ayuba Azari, who supplied tomatoes in the market, said that the recently reconstructed road had given free access to motorists to the main market.

“You know that this road is the major road in this town and it leads to almost every important place of the area council, which is why the traffic is usually thick around the market, especially on market days.

“Most times when we have to offload our goods from the trucks that bring them in, it is usually chaotic but now, the road is free, expanded and more coordinated.

“The chairman and his co- administrators have really done a good job for the people of this town because; this road challenge has lingered for years. Look how modern the streets look today,’’ he said.

Another trader, Madam Abigail Bature, a second hand cloths seller in the market said that the road rehabilitation had given the town a face-lift.

According to her, it is infrastructure like access road that brings about development in any community.

“Since the beginning of Gabaya’s tenure, he has been working on some of the major roads of this town in spite of the economic challenges.

“He is really a man of his words; he promised and he is delivering. At least, this was one of the major challenges of this town and he has done well.

“We used to be covered with dust around here and during rainy season, it was worse because of the muddy ground but we are free from that now,” she said.

Similarly, Azubuike James, who sells beverages and other household items in the market, said that access to good road remained paramount for an administrator.

He observed that the chairman had done well with the road projects because of the easy access it had provided to other parts of the town.

“We are very happy with the work the chairman is doing because we do not need him to share money for us but to see him work for the development of the town.

“You can see the market road now, down to JAMB headquarters has been completely rehabilitated.

“So is Kuduru road, Tudun-Fulani road and Sabon-gari road. These are some of the highly populated areas of this town which had bad roads for years, until now.

“What remain now are Baran-Goni road and the area council secretariat road itself which is also very important,’’ James said.

Also, Madam Theresa John who worked at JAMB also described the effort as “unbeatable” while adding that the road to her office had been made good.

Motorists have continued to laud government’s efforts towards the development, hoping that same efforts would be replicated on other essential infrastructure, especially in rural communities.(NANFeatures)