Appointments: Tinubu not in charge, says Usman Bugaje


(Daily Nigerian) A former member of the House of Representatives, Usman Bugaje, has said that appointments made so far by President Bola Tinubu showed that he is not in charge of the government.

Recall that Mr Tinubu had nominated Maryam Shetty as a minister but later withdrew her nomination just as she was about to be screened by the Senate.

He also appointed 24-year-old Imam Kashim as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency, FERMA.

However, the appointment suffered a similar fate to that of Ms Shetty.

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Speaking during an interview on Channels TV on Friday, Mr Bugaje said all these are evidence that the President was not in charge of his government.

“I can tell you one thing. Clearly, what we have seen is evidence of the fact that the president is not in charge. Someone else is in charge. Now, it is for him to figure out if he wants to really be in charge.

“How can a name get to the point of getting to the National Assembly for clearing – that is the final stage – and then you do not even know? Anyone who would have been involved in these should leave.”

He berated the Mr Tinubu’s government for doing, “things the way you want”, irrespective of what Nigerians and the law say.

“This government does not have any sense of shame. I am afraid to say so. You would feel ashamed to get certain things done,” the elder statesman said on the show.

“And then clearly, there is an element of contempt for citizens. You just do things the way you want and how you want irrespective of the rules and regulations,” Mr Bugaje added.

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