Apo Killings: Nothing “ll Be Swept Under The Carpet–Mark

senate_president__david_mark 600President of Senate, Senator David Mark has assured nothing would be swept under carpet to unravel circumstances led to the killing of nine suspected in the Apo District, Abuja on September 20, 2013 .

“There will be no biases, no sentiments and we have no preconceived idea. All we are interested in is to get to root of matter. We are approaching matter an mind in order to get the facts so justice would be done”, Senate President told the joint investigating committee of the Senate (judiciary and intelligence ) on extra-judicial killing probing the incident today.

He therefore pleaded Nigerians who have facts about Apo incident to freely volunteer information about killing assuring that committee is not a witch hunting one but purely on fact finding in order to address the problem and forestall any future occurrence.

“This is not the time for blame game. is time to find the facts. We must hear from all sides of the divide so that we can establish the truth and proffer solutions to the crises “, Senator Mark stated.

Senator Mark lamented the unabating cases of and reminded Nigerians that the against terrorism is a collective fight of all if the battle must be won.

He lamented that the current security situation has become” worrisome and intolerable because we are now in a society where we do not know who the terrorists are in our midst . This is absurd and totally alien to us. We can no understand ourselves. We need to tackle this menace headlong.

“The now have international connections. That is why everybody must work hard to tackle the menace before we are doomed.”

Earlier, the chairman of the joint investigating committee , Senator Mohammed Magoro stated that the committee would do its job honestly, justly , fairly and the fear God.

He said that all parties to the crises would be given fair hearing without bias, fear favour.

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