#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Occasion ends with National Anthem

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog : And lastly the vote of thanks

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Delegates  say ‘yes’ by voice vote   to amend the APC constitution

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Honourable Abike Dabiri invited to second motion as Melaye  says INEC  here to observe proceedings

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Motion being made for amendment of by Lawal Shuaibu

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Legal adviser reels out the amendments proposed

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Osita Izunaso administers  amendments

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Kwankwaso says  we are in agreement with commitment read out by APC chairman

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Nda Isaiah speaks,says if u are afraid to go to church or mosque and afraid of kidnapping.in 2015 there is only one party to vote for

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Says PDP has not been able to put food on the peoples  table..My people

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Okorocha speaks of the visionary leadership;President Jonathan is not problem  of APC,APC problem is the ability to present a ‘votable’  candidate

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :I asked what profession he belongs and Im told he is a lawyer, commends Tambuwal’s risk and decison to sent all on a break till December

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Buhari speaks,greets all,to get PDPout we need legacy parties, congratulates all,thanks Tambuwal for breaking the egg yesterday

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Apirants to greet all in two sentences

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Oyegun says all aspirants have committed to respect the values of d party,they are capable aspirants.They have pledged to be open for all options without acrimony

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Oyegun calls on presidential aspirants Buhari,Nda-Isaiah,Kwankwaso,Owelle Rochas Okorocha to come to the podium

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Melaye recognizes Kwankwaso (and Gov Shettima who has done well in spite  of Boko Haram

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Tambuwal  says APC represents change and a promise of a better Nigeria,we need unity and solidarity in our ranks

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Tambuwal greets all, says it’s an honour and privilege to be part of you.Overwhelmed by the welcome,Says thank u,rededicates self to growing party

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Tambuwal speaks ;To the glory of God come May 29 2015 we shall sweep away…u get d message-

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Oyegun says one of the most pleasant things I have ever done  as he presents Tambuwal

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Tambuwal now on the podium

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Oyegun invites the newest member of APC Tambuwal,who  defected to APC

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Oyegun Says two APC states,Rivers and Lagos saved this country from Ebola disease and restore Nigeria’s honour globally

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Says  APC cares, ready to restore hope to a traumatized nation

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Says  erosion of independence of judiciary, a threat to democracy; and,  slams phantom jobs created

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog :Says corruption,impunity and unparalleled lawlessness  reigns now,they organize to beat up judges…they don’t give a damn

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Says the ongoing attempt by PDP govt to use ethnicity,religion others to divide Nigerians is dangerous,no nation survives religious conflict-Oyegun

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Says two items were to be addressed but we have decided to stand down presentation of manifesto   for another day ,today will be for ammendment of  constitution

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Chairman Oyegun pays tribute to all including Buhari and (Atiku whom he said was out of the country today),Welcomes Tambuwal  to APC

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Announces the presence to APC of Govs Wamakko and Okorocha, others as National chairman rises to address delegates

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Announces that Tambuwal came here with 100 members of the House

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Musical interlude ends and Melaye announces presence of  Speaker Tambuwal at convention

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Yemi Alade invited to given musical performance

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Gen Buhari arrives at the venue


#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Hon Aliyu Adamu Kumbashi  from Niger State at the APC CONVENTION

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Chairman organizing committee,Gov Yari addresses the audience

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Heavy downpour and Dino Melaye says the rain is a celestial endorsement of what APC is doing

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Muslim prayers being said,calling for God’s favour to take over power

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Ogbeh gives opening prayers

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Dignitaries present include Governor Fashola,Ajumobi,Audu Ogbe,Sam Nda Isaiah,others

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog chairman arrives and national anthem taken

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Fracas at Abia state pavilion and securityme called upon to intervene



#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Oyinlola Akume sitting while Abike Dabiri Senator Mrs Tinubu   seen here standing and apparently discussing



#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog Mallam Ibrahim,former deputy governor Jigawa ,others  at the old parade ground venue of APC extra ordinary convention in Abuja

#APCExtraordinaryNationalConvention-Live Blog

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