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APC stakeholders to Tinubu: You’ve totally ignored, forgotten Zamfara State

By Chimezie Godfrey

Zamfara State APC concerned citizens have complained of discrimination and total negligence by the government of President Bola Tinubu.

The Stakeholders in an “Open Letter to Mr President” signed by Ibrahim Dosara,
former Commissioner for Information
Zamfara State and Spokesperson of the Zamfara APC Concerned Citizens.

They lamented that despite the enormous support and contribution made towards the success of President Tinubu, he has neglected Zamfara state in his appointments.

They stated that the President has totally ignored, forgotten and discriminated against Zamfara State APC stakeholders and their supporters by not considering a single APC stakeholder from Zamfara into his government.

They therefore demanded that Mr President should look into Zamfara State case and pick some of the APC stakeholders for appointment into his government as he has done for other states.

The statement reads in part:”On behalf of Zamfara APC concerned Citizens, I deemed it very very necessary to demand answers to some few questions that have been itching our minds.

“Before the questions however, I will like to refer His Excellency Mr President on the role played by Zamfara APC stakeholders and their supporters in electing the President into office.
Let me categorically state here that, when our leader former Governor of Zamfara State, now Minister of state Defence Hon (Dr) Bello Mohammed Matawllen Maradun was appointed by Your Excellency to lead the APC Presidential Campaign in the North West as Coordinator, Dr Bello Matawalle took it upon himself to ensure that the North West was delivered to the APC Presidential Candidate. Thus, he mobilized all of us the Zamfara APC stakeholders to ensure we deliver our polling units, wards and local governments for the APC Presidential Candidate, now the President. Not only that, Bello Matawalle set-up committees to go round the 7 North West states to liaise with the states Committees, be reporting to him, as well as coordinating the activities of the states’ committees set up by his colleagues the other Govs.

“It is a well-known fact Mr President that APC won Zamfara state with huge success. The massive turn out of people has fetched the APC Presidential Candidate massive votes.
Zamfara APC stakeholders and supporters were overwhelming over this victory. Matawalle did a fantastic successful completion of the assignment given to him and the APC stakeholders and supporters in Zamfara made him proud.

“We were told that because of the joy and happiness for the wonderful performance by Zamfara people, Mr President promised to come to Zamfara for a special thank you visit, even before assuming duty. We were all very happy and hopeful on this visit with high expectations.
However, up till today, there has never been any communication between the President and the people of Zamfara State in this regard, despite wholeheartedly supporting and voting Mr President massively.
It is not even the refusal of Mr President to pay the special thank you visit to Zamfara to make the APC stakeholders and their supporters happy and proud, as he promised, the most disturbing and annoying thing is that, the President has totally ignored, forgotten and discriminated against Zamfara State APC stakeholders and their supporters by not considering a single APC stakeholder from Zamfara into his government, if not the Minister of state Defence which the constitution of the Federal Republic stipulated that we must have a minister in the Federal Executive Council to represent us.

“It is only Zamfara State that was not considered for any appointment in the government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, despite our role in his election. While other states that have not even supported and delivered Mr President like we did in Zamfara, have been considered for several appointments, some having two ministers in that matter.

“Take Kano for instance, they were given two ministers, Chief of Air staff, Deputy Senate President, several Special Advisers to the President and many more lucrative positions in the government. Same with Katsina state where Tinubu was not delivered, yet they got two ministers and other key positions in government. Kebbi state did not deliver Tinubu as well, yet got two ministers.

“To our greatest surprise Mr President, not even the leaders and members of the Zamfara state APC Presidential Campaign Council are considered for such appointments like Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants, Directors – General and other Chief Executives of Parastatals. What a discrimination Mr President? If some other states that did not even voted for you were considered for such appointments, what have we done to deserve this total neglect and discrimination, sir?
What offence have we committed to deserve this injustice?

“Is our turning out massively to support and voted you into power a crime to deserve the punishment Mr President?
Mr President, you are a leader who takes every body along in whatever you do, especially looking back at your track records of serving the public, especially when you were Gov of Lagos State, you did justice to all those that supported and assisted you to succeed. A testimony of this fact is looking at those you have already appointed into your government are almost all, those you worked with in the past and whom you enjoyed their support and contribution in make you successful.

“Mr President, Please, as a leader and father for all of us, we want you to turn you face to look into Zamfara State case and pick some of the APC stakeholders and consider bringing them on board by appointing some into your government like our colleagues in other states.”

The stakeholders added,”Supporting Zamfara State APC stakeholders will no doubt help a lot in carrying your supporters to believe in what we told them about you during your Electioneering campaign, Your Excellency.

“Remember, Zamfara is now in the hands of PDP, there is therefore that greater need for the stakeholders to carry our supporters along, not only for the 2027 elections Mr President, but for the President’s image making amongst the supporters.

“While we remain absolutely loyal and delighted to Mr President, we are hopeful and looking forward to Your Excellency’s positive response to our complaint as we deserve urgent justice in this direction.
Please accept the assurances of our highest regards, sir.”

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