APC has worked hard, deserves victory in coming elections -Adamu

By Emmanuel Mogbede

Sen. Abdullahi Adamu, All progressives Congress (APC) National Chairman has said the party has worked hard and deserves victory at the polls.

Adamu said this while speaking with newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja on the party’s chances.

“The APC is fully prepared and ready to go into this election. For us as a party, the only result we expect from this election is victory. We have worked hard, really hard.

“No party has been able to put up a robust campaign like the APC did.

“I am sure that the efforts we have put into this campaign will definitely result in successes at the polls.

“And, by the grace of God, we shall surely come out of this Saturday presidential election victorious party”, Adamu said,.

He called on the party supporters and agents to conduct themselves peacefully and to be very vigilant going into the polls.

He also urged  parties to support the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) towards conducting an election that would meet every standard of fairness and transparency.

The party chairman said that contrary to insinuations of division, the APC was going into the election as a united front.

He said the party’s National Working Committee (NWC) and its other organs were working together to deliver victory to it  presidential candidate and other APC members in the race.

He expressed optimism that Tinubu would bring renewed hope to Nigerians if elected as the country’s next president.

Adamu noted that in the last few months, the APC and Tinubu had been traversing every part of the country campaigning and soliciting for the support of Nigerians ahead of the general elections.

“During these campaign rallies, in all the places we visited, we were greeted by massive turnout of supporters and loyalists which has confirmed the fact that we are the biggest party in Nigeria.

“Just yesterday, we held our final mega rally in Lagos, the number of our supporters who turned out for the rally gives me cause for joy.

“I am convinced that with what I have seen across the country, victory at Saturday’s election belongs to the APC,” Adamu said.

He said the party’s campaign rallies provided it opportunities to explain to Nigerians its policies and programmes for the next four years.

He added that during the campaigns, the party laid before the voters how it intend to build on President Muhammadu Buhari’s legacies in areas of infrastructural development, agriculture, security and youth development.

“We told Nigerians to have confidence in the ability of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to bring renewed hope to them.

“I assure every Nigerian that the next APC administration will not only build on monumental achievements of the past eight years, it will open new areas of development for the country,” he said.

He added that in keeping with its commitment to a peaceful electoral system, the APC ran an issue-based and hitch free campaign devoid of mudslinging and other provocative acts.

Adamu said the party focussed on issues that were of concern to Nigerians and assured that it had everything it takes to reset the country.

He said in spite of many provocations from opposition parties, the APC resolved that what was important to Nigerians was not the amount of mud that could be threw at each other, but the ideas that would be brought to the table.

“In this connection, we assure that the APC remains committed to

implementing ideas that will continue to make Nigeria the biggest economy in Africa,” Adamu said.

He acknowledged and appreciated the contributions, commitment and dedication of the party’s leaders at all levels across states to the campaign process.

He said in the course of the campaign, the party’s leaders showed extra-ordinary vigour, resilience and commitment in mobilising and strengthening the confidence of Nigerians in the party, President Buhari and Tinubu.

He commended the professionalism of the media in covering the party’s campaigns and the issues articulated, saying the mass media had been one of the institutions that helped to deepen the country’s democracy.

He, however, cautioned against some disinformation, misinformation, lies and fake news propagated in the social media.

“In reporting the election and results, we must be careful to be truthful and honest, we must remember that after this election, there will be a country to govern.

“While social media reportage has a place in information dissemination, it must be used responsibly for social harmony, inclusiveness and peace,” Adamu advised (NAN)