APC has fundamental leverage to win presidential election — Chieftain

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By Salisu Sani-Idris

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Sokoto State, Alhaji Yasha’u Ahmad Kebbe says the party has fundamental leverage to win the Feb. 25 presidential election than the PDP or any of the opposition political parties.

Kebbe said in a statement in Abuja on Saturday that the ruling party at the centre has been waxing stronger since 2019.

He said: “And along the line, it has been getting more state governments under its control.

National growth LS

“But, on the other hand, the main opposition party, the PDP has been fragmented. The PDP of 2019 is not the PDP of 2023

“The votes had been divided into 3 or 4 when you look at the likelihood of the G5 Governors not supporting their presidential candidate.”

The former PDP chieftain said that even the stalwarts of the NNNP were aware that it lacked the national spread to win the presidential election.

“Same analysis goes for LP which I comfortably likened to a morning blizzard that will fizzle out on the morning of the election day.

“So, fundamentally, APC has all it takes in terms of strength and membership to win the 2023 election,” he added.

Kebbe further said that another comparative advantage for the APC was the technical aspect upon x-raying the antecedents of the presidential candidates.

He averred: “Fortunately enough, they all had an opportunity to showcase what they could have done in the past.

“Atiku had served as the Vice President of Nigeria and had contested to serve as the Governor of Adamawa.

“But, by providence of destiny, he was selected as the VP, so he left the post to his erstwhile Deputy.

“I am therefore challenging anyone to show his blueprints for the development of Adamawa or the North then. There were none,”the renowned businessman said.

On Asiwaju BolaTinubu, Kebbe recalled how the APC presidential flag bearer drastically transformed Lagos State when he served as its two- term Governor.

He recalled that the pre-Tinubu Lagos was very notorious in terms of criminal activities and social vices,with dead bodies daily littering the roads.

Kebbe said: “But, by the time he became Governor and took over, he changed Lagos completely and the city became liveable.

“He was able to draw up a masterplan for the development of Lagos which all his successors adopted.

“So, Lagos is today, apart from being a formidable economy in the African continent, one of the most liveable cities.

“Therefore, this man, Tinubu has antecedents of vision and Nigeria is in dare need of visionary leaders not rhetorical ones.”

The APC chieftain added that Nigeria desperately required visionary leaders who will lay the foundation for economic development and empowerment.

Kebbe said: “So, Nigerians have looked at all these issues critically and they are going to make a very wise decision come Feb. 25.

“I tell you without fear of contradiction that in sha Allahu, Tinubu is going to be elected as President and he will win that election first round, hands down.” (NAN)

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