APC declares PDP welcome rally, a ponzi scheme

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers has described the rally organised by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to welcome some members of opposition political parties as a  “ponzi scheme“.

The APC Media Department stated this in a statement it issued on Thursday in Port Harcourt.

The statement said the “melodrama“ by the PDP in the name of welcoming APC defectors into its fold was a “joke taken too far“.

It stated that the PDP only “exhumed deadwoods“ and “all sorts of valueless people“ and labelled them as APC members defecting to the PDP.

The APC said that the event was part of a “bogus charade and big scam“ by the PDP to swindle Gov. Nyesom Wike of the “commonwealth’’ of Rivers people.

“This Ponzi scheme by the PDP is now taking a different turn as the party now exhumes old deadwoods and persons of insignificant political value and staging fake reception ceremonies with taxpayers’ money.

“It may make little sense to talk about receiving Mr Ogbonna Nwuke who recently announced his resignation from the APC.

“But how can anyone explain lumping several other individuals who either had no link with APC or left our Party almost four years ago,” the statement queried.

It specifically stated that Mr Chibudom Nwuche has not been a registered member of the APC and cannot present any evidence of his registration with the party.

“There is no point mentioning his zero electoral value as the governor and his party very well know about that.

“For over three years now, Chibudom Nwuche has always enjoyed front seat in PDP events. So, what is really the point the PDP wants to make now,” it asked.

According to the statement, it is public knowledge that Chief Stephen Ezekwem, a follower of Magnus Abe, left the APC in 2018.

“And he has told anyone that cared to listen that he is now a stakeholder in PDP in his local government area.

“Mr Emma Deeyah with his bosom friend, Igo Aguma, left the APC long ago after their plot to takeover the party structure in Rivers failed at the Supreme Court.

“The rest in the basket of deplorable that participated in the show of shame tagged reception into PDP are not more than inconsequential subsistence hunters whose only claim and motive in politics is their alimentary canal.

“They are mere political travellers whose highest objective in life is how to scrounge morsels of edibles from anywhere for their aching stomachs,” the statement said.

The statement drew the attention of Rivers people and Nigerians to the quality and status of personalities that decamped from the PDP to join the APC in the state.

“How can anyone compare the PDP empty melodrama with the latest quality individual that recently left the PDP and joined the APC with thousands of their supporters?

“We are talking of Mr Chisom Dike who is presently representing Eleme, Tai & Oyigbo Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives.

“Those they claim are joining PDP are expired former this and that with no real value of any kind. These are wretched political journeymen with no followers,” it stated. (NAN)