APC Chair: Between issues and shadows

By Inuwa Bwala
Let me start by confessing that, I will be happy if the next National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC comes from Borno State. I will even be happier if one of my former bosses, Senators Ali Modu Sheriff or Kashim Shettima becomes the choice and of course I will be happiest if the best between the duo takes the day.

With the pointers in the direction of either of them, in the event the position is zoned to the North East, I make haste to state that, having worked, having been friends and having quarrelled with both of them at certain points, they remain the proverbial known devils, whom I will prefer, against the unknown saint.

Be that as it may, they both know me to be stubbornly blunt and often suicidal in defending the truth.
I have defended both of them in the past against political foes, and have openly disagreed with them too, when the occasions called for it. I am Shettima’s contemporary and we had our good times and sour times. Having become friends now, I think we may never have any cause to again fight. I have had cozy periods with Sheriff, and having fallen out with him, time seems too short for us to ever agree again.

It is against this background that I wish to advice Ali Modu Sheriff in particular, to employ decorum and diplomacy in his quest to bounce back politically. He needs the services of high calibre intellectuals and media handlers to help out and not rely on hirelings who are jeopardizing his chances and embarrassing such a noble cause with unintelligible innuedoes.

I am particularly worried with the dimension the campaigns for the chairmanship is assuming, in the camp of Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, with the irreasonable insinuations, the spokesman of the group, one Victor Lar seems to plead, in defending some allegations made against his principal.

I recall seeing the leaked audio/video which suggests that Ali Sheriff will destroy the APC as he nearly did the PDP in the past, if made the chairman of the APC.
I need to state at this point that, I was in the trenches with Sheriff while the battle for the soul of the PDP during that regency period lasted. I knew where we were coming from and I know his ultimate mission. But what I know may have to wait untill I publish my memoirs.

In the said audio clip, which was made somehow visual, I could see the insignia of Sahara Reporters: one of Nigeria’s foremost online publications as the source.
It is therefore baffling that the said Victor Lar would rather tie the blame, of that seeming ridicule of Sheriff to the neck of a nameless two time Governor and Senator.

Every right thinking person could clearly see through Lar’s innuendoes, to the effect that, he blames his boss’ woes on a perceived mischief by Senator Kashim Shettima.

I know as a matter of fact that, his plea does not only amount to shadow chasing, but it is at total variance with Shettima’s approach.

Shettima does not have to recast any of that well-known dent on Sheriff as National Chairman of the PDP to score any political point. Neither does know the PDP stalwarts discussing Sheriff’s foibles to influence their lines of discussion.

As a matter of fact, Shettima does not pursue vendetta, and that explains why he ignored those behind his rumoured death, even when he knew the unseen hands behind it.

While Sheriff has openly declared his interest to vie, Kashim Shettima has maintained a studied silence, believing that, it is not by garrulous disposition nor contumacy but God alone could determine who becomes the next National Chairman. Given Kashim Shettima’s disposition, one does not need any Victor Lar’s dangerous insinuations, to know that Shettima could not have descended so low, more so that, he does not have any links with Sahara Reporters, which leaked the audio in question.

Kashim embodies Winston Churchill’s philosophy, wherein he say, “if you stop to throw stones at every dog that barks, you may not reach your destination”
I will rather Sheriff concentrates on cleaning the Augean stable in which he finds himself than look for imaginary enemy, who could be amongst those close to him.

Starting by heaping blames on others over obvious facts, is to start on a wobbly foot. Let him address issues and leave Shettima out of his travails. After all, we know each other too well, to start throwing stones, knowing we all live in a glass house.