APC Accuses PDP of Failing to Compensate South -East Adequately

osita-okechukwu-cnppThough the All Progressives Congress {APC} South East Zone, agrees with President Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR, that the South East is his strongest support base and indeed that of his party – the Peoples Democratic Party {PDP}, since the inception of the 4th Republic in 1999,the opposition merger party insists that the South East’s support for PDP has been without commensurate compensation.

Mr Osita Okechukwu ,national publicity secretary ,APC South East said in a statement today
“ we wish to state in clear terms that (neither) successive PDP administrations nor that of President Jonathan had paid back in commensurate projects the unalloyed support given by the South East.”

“We remember vividly how ex-president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo made the same campaign attractive promises of 2nd Niger Bridge, Onitsha Sea Port, Enugu Coal-Fired-Plant, Oguta or Ukwa Refinery or Gas Powered Plant, revival of Nkalagu Cement Factory etc. And no dice!

The APC spokesman for the south east says its is regrettable that the PDP is once again about to lead the South East down the same line
“We regret that President Jonathan is taking Ndigbo in roller-coaster again; sometimes last year Ndigbo Chorus Singers and Food is Ready politicians were assembled at Onitsha to launch the Onitsha Sea Port, months down the line we are yet to locate any ship berthing at the so called port.

“Secondly, since Professor Barth Nnaji was unceremoniously hacked, no mention was made of the Enugu Coal-Fired-Power-Plant, by President Jonathan, even at Saturday’s Town Hall meeting. All we learnt was that the money budgeted by Professor Nnaji has been squandered.

“Thirdly, the Oguta or Ukwa refinery or Gas Power Plant and other robust projects mouthed during the 2011 Fresh Air presidential campaign has been consigned to the dust-bin of history.

“Fourthly, we had thought that the occasion could have provided Mr President the opportunity to resolve the unnecessary Nigercem bickering between Chief C. Ibeto and Governor Martins

“Fifthly, we are yet to locate the design of the 2nd Niger Bridge, Environmental Impact Assessment nor Estate Evaluation of Assets on the way.

“All we heard was the chorus lead by Merchant Governor Peter Obi and other Food is Ready singers chorusing the Messiah song of we have never heard so good.

APC South East recalled in the statement that even during the military regime, Ndigbo had always had prompt and juicy appointments; all we crave for as a hard working people, is nothing but justice, fairness and level playing field in Nigeria, not patronage.

“In sum, we loathe the cosmetic approach to development in the South East, dangerous outcome is the mass exodus of the youths of Ndigbo, because of absence of heavy Federal, State or private investment,”Okechukwu said .

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