Anti-Amaechi Forces ‘Boast about Securing Court Judgment to Sack Him in less than 90 Days’

Rotimi-Amaechi 600In spite of denials , there are clear hints from the inside that Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers state is still facing uncertain reported last week that a plot had been hatched to impeach the governor with some members of the State as arrowheads. But lawmakers from the state addressed a press conference in Abuja debunking any plot to impeach Amaechi.
Insiders said the fact that their plot was exposed by several media organizations made them beat a retreat. Those aware of the intrigues say the plot against Amaechi is actually multi -facted.Thetarget is to sack him from government house at all cost.
In spite of the denial of the plot to impeach him, insiders told that those plotting to sack Amaechi are boasting now that they will oust him in 90 days, as they are sure of securing a court ruling that will sack the governor. The exact case they are talking about remains uncertain but one source even alleged that there is a ‘tenure deduction’ allegation against Amaechi. What that means is unclear.
One of those against Amaechi who is a member of the federal executive council has,according to insiders, recently boasted that ‘Amaechi’s govermment would soon be sacked.We have secured all the judgment.We are waiting for the right time.’
The official also allegedly added, ‘It is the same judiciary that brought him to power that will destroy him.He has no respect for constituted authority.We will him.. In less than 90 days from now’.
This top official’s boast has also reportedly been corroborated by a lawmaker from one of the states who reportedly said that there is indeed a plot to deal with Amaechi.
Some sources close to Amaechi said they take such boasts seriously.But some of Amaechi’s loyalists say they are disturbed because the governor too appears to be “grandstanding” while the plot against him thickens.What that means is also unclear.
Meanwhile, insiders are keeping their fingers crossed to see how the thickening plot unfolds.

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