ANRP Rep candidate promises adequate security, agribusiness

By Diana Omueza

Mr Sesugh Akume, the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP) House of Representatives candidate for the forthcoming elections in Benue says he will ensure provision of adequate security, agribusiness, infrastructure to the people, among others, if elected into the 9th National Assembly.

Akume, who would be representing Sankera constituency of Benue, if elected, made the promise in an interview on Tuesday.

He lamented that the security issues in his constituency were of two categories, which he said were a great challenge that called for concern and immediate intervention.

‘’Firstly, we have the issues of farmer and herdsmen conflicts and destruction of communities, forcing residents to flee to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps.

‘’Secondly, is the level of criminality in Sankera, and the attendant insecurity caused by ethnic militia and the youths themselves.

‘’I would be addressing these two levels of insecurity by offering alternatives and incentives to get more young people to be self reliant and focus on the dignity in labour.

‘’I would introduce sports, value reorientation, crisis mitigation and other approaches even as we prevail on the appropriate security authorities to strengthen law enforcement in the constituency.

He expressed optimism that commerce and commercial activities would pick up, infrastructure and other development project would be reactivated and Sankera constituency would be rejuvenated.

The ANRP House of Representatives candidate said next on his agenda would be the transformation of crude agriculture into industries and agribusiness.

He said that the agribusiness would be achieved through effective representation drawing from the resources from the federal government and other partners that remained unexplored.

‘’We would cover the infrastructure deficit through innovative ways of organising Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) through relevant agencies of the government.

‘’In the end, there would be increased productivity and improved quality of life in specific quantifiable and measurable terms, which in summary shall be the basis for measuring our stewardship in 4 years.

‘’We won’t talk of providing this and that; rather, we would measure for instance, the maternal and neonatal mortality rate before and after.

‘’We shall measure our progress based on economic, and human development indices to improve lives, which is the essence of government and governance.

‘’Anything short of this is a failure,’’ he said.(NAN)

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