Anambra Guber poll: Red Cross urges all to shun violence

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The Nigerian Red Cross Society has called on all persons involved in the Anambra Gubernatorial poll, slated for Nov. 6, to shun violence as well as hate speech and act.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) will conduct and supervise the Anambra Gubernatorial poll on that day.

The Chairman of Nigerian Red Cross Society in Anambra, Prof. Peter Katchy, made the call while speaking with NAN in Enugu on Friday, saying that there was the need for all to stay away from violence in the election.

Katchy also called on all actors/stakeholders in the election – electorates, security agencies, INEC staff, media, observers etc – to imbibe the watchword of peace.

According to him, “we need to observe brotherly love as it is still same closely related brothers vying in the election within the state.

“Dialogue, treaty and equity are integral to achieving peace in the present time, as development and peace are interdependent and mutually-reinforcing sustainable political and socio-economy in the state.

“Total conflict resolution contributes decisively to the dissipation and elimination of human needs and provides the foundation for lasting, peace.

“Which reinforces viable sustainable-development that liberates the resources needed for national development, peace and progress.

“Today is the day to put aside even long standing animosities and generational dispute that involves violence through Dialogue, Treaties and Negotiations.

“It is very pertinent now to promote and propagate peace in a special age-long campaign of Red Cross – `Even Wars Have Limits’,’’ he said.

He noted that violence is a physical act or behavior that is intended to hurt or kill through the process of physical force, adding: “It is a strong negative emotional problem, always sudden and explosive with great energy exertions”.

“Hatred, animosity, social, political competitions and economic deprivation developed between two or more groups, and even alliances based on things as trivia as preference for even a sporting team can lead to violent clashes.

“Complying with electoral process in Anambra Gubernatorial poll in a non-violence manner is an opportunity for all to promote best practices of democracy at the international, regional, national and state levels.

“This, when well done, will rob off across all sectors in the state, to reduce disaster risk of economic development and growth in the state.

“Our collective target as a people should focus on prevention, protection and reducing the number of people affected by violence, intimidation, fright and fear during and after the election,” he said.

The chairman called on electorates and political party faithful to avoid actions, words and signs as well as known stereotype or hate speech/action that insight violence in any manner.

“Peace is the major ingredient for lasting development and that is what we need optimally in Anambra, since elections must come and go,” he added. (NAN)