Anambra Election: Ekelem Plans N20, 000 Social Security For the Unemployed

By Patrick Osadebamwen
Latest entrant into the Anambra Gubernatorial election Dr. Ifeatu Ekelem has described the November 2013 election in the state as the Biblical contest between Goliath and David.
Ekelem, a super specialist in Newborn Intensive Care said he does not need the endorsement of corrupt billionaires who have consistently shortchanged Anambrarians to win the state’s November 2013 Gubernatorial elections.
Ekelem who addressed journalist in Abuja pointed out that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, and other parties were responsible for the woes in the Anambra State.
He maintained that he will be the unpopular David who would make the difference in the state while the other candidates backed by momey bags are the Goliath waiting to be put to shame by the power of the electorates.
The United States, (US) based new born specialist said he is in the race “on a rescue mission to Anambra” which was the bastion of academic excellence in the country but unfortunately has allowed its excellence to be replaced by charlattans who have betrayed public trust.
The Governorship candidate of Advance Congress for Democrats, ACD, Dr. Ifeatu Ekelem who was presented with the party’s candidate for November 16 Governorship election from the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, maintained that the collective wealth of Anambra citizens has been wasted by the corrupt godfathers and their stooges who ran the state.
He pointed out that he has spent well over 30 years in the United States as a medical practitioner and would ensure developmental policies in the state especially as he has benefitted from his state.
He said that Anambra State is the worst state in Nigeria suffering from underdevelopment in spite of its glorious past known for cerebral engagement worldwide.
He said his choice of the ACD was predicated on it’s insulation from the polluted influence of the moneybags of the state maintaining that ACD will make a shocking statement in the state, inspite of the money bags who have descended upon the state.
He said the ACD will place all employable-unemployed Anambrarian on N20, 000 monthly with an obligation of 40 hours weekly reciprocity to the state government under the Vigilante Department.
This window of give and take ,he enthused would wipe out the threat of insecurity that has characterized social security climate of the academically renowned state in the southeast.
Flanked by ACD Anambra State Chairman, Mrs. Oby Okafor, ACD National Publicity Secretary, Breakforth Abraham, Party Leader, Chris Owoicho and National Secretary, Manga Asha, Dr. Ifeatu Ekelem, a medical doctor and Specialist in new-born intensive care and paediatrics said he decided to join the race against the advice of some friends who feared he may be jumping into a dangerous contest.
He said his friends back in the states warned him that he risked being kidnapped or assassinated given the violence that trails the politics of the state, but “I insisted on contesting because it is my home and can’t run away from the process of reviving it. I opted for this party because I can’t join parties that are known for constant crises. I hold the popular parties (responsible)for the demise of my state.
“Not APC or PDP. I don’t want anything to do with parties that are dripping with the blood of innocent children and citizens due to inept leadership. Beautiful and wonderful children die daily in Anambra because of constant decadence.
“ACD is poised to wipe out poverty and empower the people. My candidacy is a serious candidacy, I don’t want to be paid off. I don’t want any money from Anambra state, I have made enough money in the US. I benefited a lot from Anambra and I believe I should give back and should not be the worst state in Nigeria; I’m determined to make it the first in Nigeria.
The candidate who promised to address the unemployment problem in the state, with plans to pay N20, 000 for 40 hours in community policing promised to build an airport in Awka, pilot training school in Anambra state and more universities, five new govt colleges to cater for the huge number of the state youths who cannot secure admission because of the legally limited openings into the countries public universities.
He continued, ” I am determined and passionate enough to make this governorship although I will be running against so-called billionaires. Some of them have ill-gotten wealth. They are Goliath, but let them know that David is on the way. We can’t be intimidated by moneybags.
“We can’t decide to stop the process of saving Anambra from decadence just because the billionaires are standing in the way. I have been doing grassroots campaign in the past 3 months. The party structure is on ground even at ward levels.”
On whether he would return if he fails to win in November, he said, “If I lose, I m not returning to US, I will remain here. I’m going nowhere. I have no godfathers. They are like pimps and slave masters. They are selfish.
Nobody sponsors me. In fact. I will refuse to be sponsored. I will be a governor at no cost to Anambra, but for free. So, it’s not about the money. ”

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