Anambra 2021: PDP, APC express satisfaction with INEC timetable

Two leading opposition political parties in Anambra have expressed satisfaction with the timetable for the state’s 2021 gubernatorial election released by Independent National Electoral Commission () on Tuesday.

According the timetable, the election will hold on Nov. 6, while conduct of party primaries and resolution of issues around it will hold from June 10 July 1.






Also, submission of candidate forms by parties will end on Aug. 6, while campaigns will commence on Aug. 8 and end on Nov.4.

In a swift reaction, Chief Ndubuisi Nwobu, Chairman of the Democratic Party (PDP) in Anambra told the News Agency of Nigeria () that the timetable was -awaited.

Nwobu said it did not come the party as a surprise as it had been ready all along.






According him, has the constitutional powers to issue guidelines on election and that is what it has just done.

comfortable with the timetable, it has not come to us as a surprise, if the date had come earlier than that, we would not have had any issue we have been doing our work,’” he said.

On his part, Chief Basil Ejidike, Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) said his party welcomed the timetable with delight.






Ejidike said the APC was now strong and united more than ever.

He said that the party had no misgivings about their chances in the election it had identified its fault lines in previous election and was working on them.

“It is not a surprise to us, made it known before now that the election would come in November, we have been getting prepared.







“We learnt our lessons from what happened in the past and I want to assure that it will not happen again.

“Before now, like a house divided but this , no one will be left behind, going into the election as one body,” he said. ()