Analyst urges government to prioritise workers’ welfare

Mr Luka Pampe, a Plateau-based political analyst, has called on government at all levels to prioritise the welfare of .

Pampe made the call in paper titled “Impact of Working Condition on Performance of Servants” presented at a one-day seminar organised by the of Senior Servants of Nigeria, on Wednesday in Jos.

Pampe, a lecturer with the Plateau State Polytechnic, decried the poor condition of servants across the nation and called improvement to enable better service delivery.

He called the urgent review of the service rule to accommodate current realities aimed at bettering the working conditions .

The analyst further advised government to cut down cost of governance so as to channel the resources toward ensuring that the working condition of civil servants are improved upon.

condition to improve, deliberate government efforts should be geared toward the prioritisation of the motivation in the civil service.

“Public service rules, scheme and requisite civil service guidelines should be reviewed to reflect mandatory of offices, ventilation facilities, free internet services, staff Heath policies, among others.

“For instance, just as government budgets billions of naira for renovation as sundries for National and some state assemblies, the civil service secretariat should also be considered.

“There is no better time to cut down on excessive cost of governance in Nigeria than now. Political office holders should make sacrifices while the condition of civil servants are improved upon.

“Long convoys, unnecessary oversea travels and expenses including domestic maintenance for office holders ‘senior directors’ in the service should be significantly reduced,” he advised.

Pampe also called for reforms of the civil service to enable civil servants freedom of political and public opinion, adding that such would address the current realities in the .

He said the call for the removal of HND/B.Sc dichotomy in the civil service should be revisited and treated with all seriousness and urged government to right placement for workers to encourage productivity.

Also, in a paper titled “Employee Welfare and Wellness, Motivation for of Organisational Goals” at the event, Mr Timothy Parlong, arrested civil servant, agreed with Pampe.

Parlong said when the well-being of workers is compromised, it would lead to poor and under performance, fail in the discharge of duties, in ability, among others

“When an employee’s well-being is compromised can lead to poor or under performance, a change in attitude or behaviour, failing in sites or in ability to interact and work well with others.

“A general feeling of malaise and dissatisfaction with job, colleagues and or the organisation will have a detrimental impact not only on the employee concerned but on the wider too

“So, an employee deserves more than only salaries or wages, hence the need for the and improvement of existing welfare facilities at work places,” he said

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the one-day seminar has the theme “Toward a Good Working Environment”. (NAN)