Analysis:Alleged plot to arrest el- Rufai amid shell-shocked Northern applause over his comment

By Danlami Nmodu

Mallam Nasir el Rufai,former minister of Federal Capital Territory,FCT has accused the federal government of plotting to arrest him when he returns to Nigeria today from London,United Kingdom.In fact, twitter  the social  network where the revelation was made has been filled  with reactions to the allegation as many feel it will be yet another error by the regime.

El Rufai’s ‘sin’ appears to be his latest disclosure that the federal  government was behind the bombings in the North.Newsdiaryonline learnt that El Rufai’s statement has received huge applause  among prominent Northerners .Some of them who have not been able to say so openly  say  the former minister’s outburst represents  the true feeling among Northerners who secretly  believe  there is a deliberate game plan to decimate northern cities especially those  with economic and commercial powers.

Northerners who harbour this suspicion say Maiduguri, Kano,Potiskum ,Kaduna and Jos  among others have been deliberately targeted  for decimation by  shadowy agents  who blame the Islamic Boko Haram  sect after every terror act.”We believe Boko Haram has been decimated a  long time ago.They are just using the name now” a source said.In fact there is a  very strong theory in the North that non northerners  and/or non Muslims who were trained abroad are behind  these merciless killings.

There is a seeming shell-shock in the north over recent past events especially the terror attacks in the region .Newsdiaryonline also learnt that even the revelation by Sheikh  Dahiru Bauchi that he is in talks with Boko Haram is viewed with deep suspicion .Many believe it is just part of a dubious  game which they believe will unravel  with the fullness of time. “Everybody wants peace but there are slements who have  their hidden agenda”, a northerner laments.

So it  seems arresting el Rufai will be tantamount to harassing the messenger, but the message he had the courage to openly speak about  has been making the rounds quietly long before he  uttered it on a BBC programme.”Perhaps what FG should do is to transparently take advantage of what el Rufai has said and convince Nigerians especially Northerners that FG is not behind the alleged plot to decimate the North.That is the best thing to do now .Arresting el Rufai or anyone  else may not help  the image of the government”,a northerner said Thursday morning.President Goodluck Jonathan has repeatedly said recently  that Nigeria will never  disintegrate.And he has vowed to checkmate the terrorists.

If el-Rufai is arrested,it will be the second time by this regime.The first arrest occurred after his article in Thisday questioning  the expenditure on the security sector.

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