AMORC Advocates Mystical, Spiritual And Philosophical Education To Tackle Insecurity

Ewache Ajefu/Editor

The Rosicrucian Order AMORC has advocated the introduction of spiritual, mystical and philosophical education as a way of tackling the spate of insecurity in the country.

The Order has also taken a position that “knowledge of what is safe, secure and in harmony with oneself and with the environment will help in away fear of insecurity “.

These positions were canvassed the Imperator Fraters Christian Bernard and Grand Administrator, Kenneth Idiodi at the just concluded Rosicrucian Convention held at the International Conference Centre, Abuja.

They said that the more people are educated about life and living, the more they will be educated about how they would obey natural and spiritual laws that would guide their day-to-day activities, stating that spiritual, mystical and philosophical education would make people better citizens, better and better Muslims within the society.

The Rosicrucians recommended that be synergy in various tiers of so they can respect all religions and traditions as far as is commitment to the principles of justice, equity so that people are not ill-treated or marginalized as these would to harmonious relationship.

The Grandmaster of Europe, Africa and -East, Sven Johansson also corroborated his fraternal brothers saying that illuminating the minds of citizens of this country and indeed the planet would contribute to greater harmony which is in line with the theme of this year’s convention”-Harmonium”- Illumination for Harmony.

They posited that “whatever we think, speak or do in life, constitutes a sowing process which according to natural and spiritual laws   attracts a harvest of some sort whether negative or positive, remarking that humans reap with the fruits of what we have sown into creation as seeds.

“Therefore, to sow good and reap good is living. To think good and speak good is good. To speak good and do good is better. To think, speak and do good is best”, they said.

Specifically, the Grand Administrator, Kenneth Idiodi said the more humans aspire towards attaining harmony and endeavoring to maintain a high degree of harmony ones thoughts, words and deeds, the more humans approach the Rosicrucian ideal of Peace Profound, adding that humans would look upon everything that happens to them with philosophical and detached attitude because they have attained a level of and emotional balance, equilibrium or harmonium.

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