AMAC moves to stamp out COVID-19 pandemic

The Municipal Area Council (AMAC) on Thursday inaugurared mass vaccination campaign against the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Abdullahi Candido, Chaiman, AMAC, said at the Primary Health Care Centre Mabushi the would take 972,000 eligible persons in approved vaccinated centres in FCT. 

Candido, represented by Mr Lawrence Onuchukwu, the Vice-Chairman AMAC, said “COVID-19  is a communicable respiratory disease caused by a new strain of corona virus causes sickness in human body. 

“A disease spread very rapidly from infected person to the vulnerable people through fluid or droplets during sneezing, coughing and touching your eyes nose and mouth”. 

“The spread of the disease is such a wild fire and capable of killing so many people at a time”.

He noted COVID-19 could affect anyone as it was respecter of  ’s social status. 

“It is a worldwide disease kills both the rich and the poor and black and white alike, is why it is declared pandemic.

“As a government, we realised COVID-19 has come to change the narrative in our socio-cultural and economic activities and we must have to tackle it head long.

“We, therefore, encourage all of you to take advantage of this mass vaccination campaign and get vaccinated to contain the ravaging virus,” he said.

According to him all councillors and supervisory councillors are encouraged to fully in sensitisation of the communities to this COVID-19 mass vaccination campaign. 

“We also seek the support of our traditional and religious leaders, opinion leaders and other stakeholders to take this campaign to our various communities and villages,”

“All the residents of AMAC are also enjoined to get vaccinated to secure our future,” he sais.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports the council in collaboration with FCT Primary Health Care Board and its partners, made concerted effort to ensure they save 1.5 million lives within FCT in 50 days.(NAN)