Aluu Killings: The What,Where And Why ? -By Amiru Adamu

Friday the 5th of October will never be the same for the families of the students,that were brutally murdered by their host community of Aluu, in rivers state,for stealing phones and laptops. This act of barbarity and man’s inhumanity to man is outrageous,it is barbaric,it is stupid and must be stopped.

A video which had already gone viral on the internet,and is even aired by some international media organisations,showed how members of the Aluu community converted to judges,prosecutors and executioners,and took laws into their hands. Their actions drawn a lot of condemnation from sane people all the world. Their actions dragged the name of Nigeria into the mud,and raised questions on the worth of human life in Nigeria today.

The barbaric act perpetrated by the people of Aluu community,prompted me to write this piece and ask the 3 fundamental questions that need answers: is wrong with Nigeria and Nigerians,that makes us value wealth and other worldly possessions,more than we value human lives? WHERE were the police and other law enforcement agencies that are charged with the task of upholding law and order,when all this was happening? WHY did our government decide to allow acts such as this to continue despite past occurences in other of the federation?

Stealing is not morally right, Nigeria as a civilized nation has a constitution that clearly the punishment that should be handed to thieves by a competent court of law,if found guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. There is no part of the constitution that stipulates jungle justice or setting of accused ablaze by a mob.

I will like to use this medium to call on the president,Governor of Rivers state,Inspector general of police and other concerned citizens to use their good offices and ensure that the murdered students get justice. They should see to it, that proper example is set with the culprits of Aluu to avoid a reoccurence. They should also note that there is no way this can be downplayed in the usual manner because the world is watching and waiting for justice.

  Amiru Adamu is an and publisher of Northern wind magazine


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