Allow private varsities to benefit from TETFund – VC urges FG

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By Thompson Yamput

The Vice Chancellor (VC), Salem University, Prof Alewo Johnson-Akubo, has called on the Federal Government to allow private universities to benefit from TETfund for the attainment of desired educational development in the country.

The Vice Chancellor, who made the call on Thursday in an interview with newsmen in Lokoja, described the call as “very germaine and necessary” to turn around the nation’s education system.

Johnson-Akubo said: “it’s bewailing why private universities are not part of the TETfund funding as the public universities, considering the important roles we are playing in education system.”

“No doubt, TETfund are ordinarily proceeds from what should be seen as a commonwealth, since we are all producing graduates that will serve the entity of the nation.

“I think it’s high time that such discrimination should stop. This is because nobody will tell any graduate not to work in a particular office because he/she is coming from a private university.

“Therefore, I am calling on government to see to it that private universities become as much beneficiaries of TETfund as public universities because we are all working towards the same purpose.

“In fact, if you asked me of the Universities that should benefit from TETfund, I will tell you it’s the private universities in terms of ranking.

“This is because funding private universities is like extracting water from flint rocks. I have a privilege to head a private university and I understand the dynamics of finances, ” he said.

The VC noted that public universities had budgetary allocations, TETfund, other grants and all sorts of subventions yet, the private universities, which don’t have anything at all, are denied access to TETfund.

According to him, there is no reason the private universities should not be integrated into the scheme of things for the TETfund as soon as possible.

He said, “my clarion call to the Federal Government is to see to it that private universities, as one of the brightest hope of the nation’s university education, benefit from TETfund as soon as possible”.

The VC explained that Salem University “is that one institution where you bring to it your wards or children and in four years we return them to you finished products in every ramification and devoid of strike”.

On ASUU strike, the VC called on both government and union leadership to try, in the interest of parents and the loitering students, to see how they could shift grounds and come to some level of compromise.(NAN)