Alleged enticement: Court frowns at subpoenaed prophetess mode of appearance

A Magistrates’ , sitting in Bukuru, Plateau, on Tuesday frowned at subpoenaed prophetess’ mode of appearance it to give testimony on a case of alleged case of enticement, against her husband, Danjuma Fwenji.

The Prophetess, Deborah, wife of Fwenji, the General Overseer, God’s Grace Divine Mission (GGDM), in Jos, Plateau, on Feb. 4 subpoenaed to appear in in person to tender some documents in evidence in the suit filed by former Rep. Leo Dilkon against her husband.

When the case came up for of hearing on Tuesday the presiding Magistrate Anderawus Maikai, Deborah appeared by way of sworn affidavit and not by motion.

Maikai, not comfortable with the method of appearance, ordered her to go back home and properly prepare to come him by way of motion.“Your appearance this by way of a sworn affidavit is not proper and unacceptable.

”You should go back and liaise with your counsel on how to properly come before this honorable court in the next adjourned date, “ the magistrate ordered.The magistrate then adjourned the case until March 18 for of hearing.

Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports drama ensued when Ms Tayo Otitoju, Counsel to Fwenji called on the Prophetess to take the witness and announced she (prophetess) has come to Court by way of a sworn affidavit.

Otitoju said the prophetess appearance sequel to the subpoena served on her court and as a mark of respect to the court.“My Lord, the witness subpoenaed to appearance to tender some documents in evidence is here in court today out of her respect to the court.”

She has filed an affidavit dated Feb. 28 before this court, which has been served on the complainant’s Counsels,” she explained.But Mr Francis Okafor, lead Counsel to the the complainant (Dilkon), vehemently objected to her (Prophetess’) appearance by way of a sworn affidavit.Okafor described the method of appearance as “too elementary “ and “totally unacceptable.”“My Lord, l been served but method is too elementary and unacceptable to us .

“Prayers are made by way of motion and not by affidavit. As it is , how do join with the defense when there is any prayer at all made witness?“There is way we can file any counter. This method is a slap on the court and it should disallowed and her ordered to go back home and prepare properly before coming back before this court,” he pleaded.

Okafor said, “when she go back home and has put her prayers in a motion, then she can come back here and do the needful.”Otitoju however consented and pledged to advise the prophetess to do the needful at the next adjourned date.The case was adjourned until March 18 for of hearing. (NAN)

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