‘All will be well,’ Osinbajo tells Nigerians

As Christians all over the world celebrate the season, Nigerians should have great hope that things will get better for the , according to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN.

Osinbajo stated this during a brief chat with journalists after the Sunday service at the Aso Villa Chapel.

“I just want to thank God for our nation, and pray that our nation will experience the grace and mercy of God in so many ways that we are expecting His grace and mercy. All will be well in Jesus’ name,” the Vice President said.

While wishing Nigerians a Happy celebration, the VP added that the message of a message of the and exceeding love and grace of God.

He said, “God’s plan for humanity was that Christ will die and will resurrect. The resurrection evidence of the fact that those who believe be saved eternally and live eternal joy and peace with the Almighty. And that promise open to every single .

“Whoever are, that promise is open to . That is, if subscribe to that plan if you accept that Christ died for you and rose again and that the plan is fulfilled in the resurrection.”

Osinbajo further stated that the Easter season was one “of great joy because we celebrate the evidence of the plan of God. In some way, God has given us a receipt of our salvation and it’s really exciting.”