Akeredolu’s wife receives Conquerors Junior Tennis Team, urges them to be more dedicated

dividends Ondo State Summer Tennis Club have already begun to yield results as some its trainees in Arabinrin Junior Tennis Club have emerged winners at their different games played across country.

Arabinrin Junior Tennis Club competed in junior national tennis championship in Abuja where they got to second round and third round and Under 16 Supreme Tennis Championship at Ibadan where a member emerged as a champion under 16.

Speaking at exhibition match held at Akure Recreation Club today where Ondo State received winners and gave gifts to Junior Tennis Club members, Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu- Akerdeolu encouraged winners to continue to work hard in order to remain at top of their game.

According to her, the initiative started off as a joke but with the results coming in, it has pertinent that the trainees are equipped to be the .

Mrs. Akeredolu who also expressed satisfaction at the progress made so far by the trainees promised to reward excellence emphasising that the initiative is citizen driven.

While urging the parents to relent in encouraging their wards to out for trainings, she further affirmed that tennis trains a to be disciplined. “If you take this sport seriously, you will conquer the world. For some of them, this is the first time they are travelling to other parts of the country and this gives them the opportunity to inter relate with others from other background”, she added.

The State Coach for the team, Kasali Adeyemi used the opportunity to thank Arabirnin Akeredolu for the initiative stressing that it is a monumental achievement on her part as she has equipped the talents to be in a position to face the future with their acquired skills.

Mr. Adeyemi who acknowledged that the initiative was the first of its kind in Nigeria later presented the winning teams to the , noting that it was indeed remarkable that in their first appearances at competition, the trainees have been emerging winners and some even went as far as making it to the semifinals.

The winner of the U-16 Championship, Omolade Aderemi expressed gratitude for being a part of Arabinrin Junior Tennis Club.