Air pollution, a menace in Nigeria – Centre LSD warns

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By Matthew Abi

The  African Centre for Leadership, Strategy & Development (Centre LSD), has drawn the attention of Nigerians to the rising menace of air pollution across the globe as they joined the world in marking the world environment day.

In a statement made available to Newsdiaryonline,  the Senior Programme Officer of the Centre, Amodu Lawal, said the need to highlight the challenge of air pollution at this time has become necessary given the multifaceted consequences it comes with.

He noted that air pollution constitutes the largest among all of the environmental risks estimated to have resulted to 7million death globally.

” Nigeria ranks 4th deadliest globally with 150 deaths per 100,000 attributed to air pollution. Air pollution is a common feature in the Nigeria and particularly in the Niger Delta, where Sooth and gas flaring is prevalent.

It added  that air is critical to human existence as without it there can be no life. Yet a polluted air has the capacity to unveil numerous health problem including respiratory diseases that have led to loss of several lives even in Nigeria.

The statement also noted that recent reports on gas flaring has shown considerable increase against government determination to reduce the danger.  

” The respective peoples of the world including Nigerians can’t stop breathing due to the rampaging advent of air pollution and therefore it behoves on all stakeholders- governments, oil companies, communities and civil society organizations  to work to reverse the phenomenon.

” This will no doubt help to improve our air quality and better impact on the lives of the peoples of the world.

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