AfDB probe: Group tells Board of Governors not to compromise

FILE PHOTO: The headquarters of the African Development Bank (AfDB) are pictured in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, September 16, 2016. Picture taken September 16, 2016. REUTERS/Luc Gnago/File Photo - RC196B9DEF90

The Nigerian Parliament (NYP) has called Board of Governors, African Development Bank (AfDB), to ensure no compromise and bias in the probe of AfDB President, Dr Akinwumi Adesina.

Ms Mary Torunana, Chairman, on Banking and Finance, Nigerian Parliament at a news briefing, said the United States had requested the board to conduct an independent investigation 16-point allegations.

According to Torunana, NYP stands against any attempt to impune Adesina’s integrity and is sure he’ll be exonerated.

She noted under the leadership of Dr Adesina, the bank had recorded tremendous successes, adding he is, therefore, deserving of the support of African Leaders and organisations.

“The US has been in infuencing the decision of the Board of Governors to conduct an independent investigation,  which is alien to the bank’s practices.

“We wish to remind the Board of Governors the promoters of this independent investigation are not just attempting to frustrate the re- bid of Dr Adesina but to undermine the independence of , Africans and ’s development as a .

“We call Board of Governors to ensure the independent probe is unbiased and not compromised as we are sure Adesina will be exonerated off all the allegations.

“The NYP stands against any attempt to impune Dr Adesina’s integrity and his re- efforts.

“He has greatly upturned the fortunes of the bank, thus, bringing about unprecedented growth not just to the bank but to as a .

“These achievements are no small feat; therefore, he deserves all the support from African leaders, Youth organisations and the like.”

Torunana commended President Muhammadu Buhari and former President Olusegun Obasanjo for supporting and reaching out to other African leaders Dr Adesina.

She also urged African Youths to be visionary to build a united that leads.

For his part, Mr Sultan Daniju, the Vice Chairman, Humanitarian , Nigerian Youth Parliament, urged African Youths to stand up for a united Africa.

Daniju said that the parliament would abide by the decision of the board of Governors of AfDB to either carry out or not carry out an independent investigation of the president of AfDB.

He also said that whatever the outcome, NYP would continue Adesina, adding that, so far, he has the support of 51 African Leaders.

“For the United states, who is the second largest investor in the African development bank, single handedly calling for an independent investigation after the ethics of AfDB had cleared the president of the bank, is uncalled for.

“The US has only done that because African leaders sold out over the years; that is why African youths must rise up and understand all these and stand and fight for a united Africa.

“As a Parliament, and as young persons, we believe in what is right.

“So, if the board of Governors of the bank deem fit, in own wisdom, to bow to the pressure and order for an investigative hearing, we would abide by .

“But whatever the outcome, he is a Nigerian; we’ll give him all the support we have to give.

“Part of the allegation is that he favours Nigerians; if he is favouring Nigerians over other African nations, how come 51 African countries are supporting him right now,” Daniju asked.

The Vice Chairman said other African leaders would not be supporting him for another term, if the allegations were true. (NAN)