Advise Your Members in Govt to Shun Ostentation – PPA Urges PDP

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The Progressive Peoples Alliance PPA has called on the ruling party the Peoples Democratic Party PDP to advise its members in government to shun ostentation and lead by example. In a Christmas message signed by the National Chairman of PPA, Chief Sam Nkire, the party said PDP must ensure that most of Nigeria’s resources is not used to service the welfare of the few people in government, leaving the rest of the people to wallow in poverty and unemploment.

PPA attributed the spate of unemployment and insecurity in the country, partly to high cost of government at the Local, State and Federal Government levels.
The party said PDP should use this period of Christmas for self-assessment to see if there are areas of improvement in order to save for the benefit of the struggling poor in our midst.

According to the  Progressive Peoples Alliance if PDP and its office-holders do not lead by example it would be difficult to convince smaller political parties to  make the desired sacrifices for economic growth. The party urged the ruling party to persuade its State Governors and office-holders to cut down on their jumbo security votes and allowances, much of which are spent on their familes and cronies instead of security

PPA said it was quite an irony to note that while State Governors  increased their security votes, insecurity increased in geometrical progression. The Progressive Peoples Alliance further seized the opportunity of Christmas to appeal to its members as well as other Nigerians to continue in prayers for the betterment of the country.


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