ADSI Founder celebrates 5 years empowering Northern youths, women


The Founder and Chairperson of the Arewa Development Support Initiative, ADSI, Khuraira Musa, has restated her resolve to explore many opportunities for empowering more youths and women across Northern Nigeria.

Ms Musa made the resolve in a statement on Thursday to mark the organization’s give years of creation and impact.

According to her, ADSI is now looking at entering into partnerships with reputable organizations to uplift the lives of Arewa youths and Nigerians as a whole.

She said: “ADSI has grown in the past five years leveraging only on our member’s dues contributions. We are now looking outward by partnering with Federal, State, and local communities including businesses that are into social enterprise.

National growth LS

“We will also explore applying for grants and seek partnerships with international NGOs and CSOs who are looking for reputable organizations with wide outreach in Nigeria and ADSI is that NGO. We are now ready to spread our wings and look for opportunities to uplift the lives of our people in Arewa and ultimately Nigeria.”

Speaking on the journey so far, Ms Musa said the initiative recorded more successes than obstacles in the last five years.

She said: “ADSI celebrating its 5th birthday is truly exciting. I will say we have recorded more successes than obstacles. It is so because ADSIANS are truly a unique breed of big-hearted individuals. They are always willing to go above and beyond to do good.

“From the inception of the organization starting with the first 125 whom I fondly call the founding members believed in the initiative and they brought in their family and friends as well.

“We can proudly say ADSI is a self-funding organization that raises money from its members to empower the underprivileged through skill acquisition. I will not say we haven’t faced challenges but we have managed them well.”
On the impacts of the organization so far, the founder said hearing the success stories of many of their beneficiaries across the region speaks volumes.

“The impact of ADSI in terms of numbers is excellent because you can hardly be in the 19 Northern States, FCT, UK, Canada, US, and some parts of Europe where there are no ADSIans.

“In terms of impacts, it is incredible. Hearing the success stories of many of our beneficiaries across the region speaks volumes.

“We have so far empowered over 5000 youths and women through skill acquisition. Thousands more have benefited through medical, and educational outreach. Providing revolving funding for small business owners has been a success and many more are coming,” Ms Musa disclosed.

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