Adamu urges NSSEC Governing Board to adopt best practices, monitor institutional projects

By Rosemary Ogbonnaya

Federal Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu has urged the newly inaugurated Governing Board of National Senior Secondary Education Commission, NSSEC, to ensure effective guidance and oversight on broad policy issues, adopt best practices, monitor institutional projects and get funding outside government to improve the facilities and infrastructure in this commission.

Adamu who gave this charge on the occasion of the inauguration of Governing Board of NSSEC said the exhibition of the aforementioned qualities in discharging of their duties would serve as the hallmark of an outstanding board.

According to the Minister, the inauguration of the governing board
marks another milestone in the education sector considering the important role this commission will play in the development of senior secondary education in Nigeria.

On how the Commission came about, Adamu explained that, “The National Secondary Education Commission Act 47 of 1999 CAP. N. 73, LFN 2004 was enacted to oversee the affairs of secondary schools in Nigeria.

“The commission was restored in 2019 and it commenced operations with the appointment of the Executive Secretary in June, 2021. NSSEC is to regulate and reposition Senior Secondary Education in Nigeria.”

Explaining further, he said, “Looking at the fact that senior secondary education was the only sub-sector that operated without functional regulatory or intervention body, I sought for the approval of President Muhammed Buhari for the resuscitation of the National Senior Secondary Education Commission, NSSEC, and this was approved.

” The scope is now restricted to the senior secondary level taking cognisance of the existence of UBEC which regulates the junior secondary level.Matters have now been finalised with the appointment of the executive secretary and a Governing Board.”

According to the Minister, the Commission is saddled with the responsibilities of prescribing the National Minimum Standard, promoting and regulating senior secondary education both in public and private schools as well as providing financial intervention for states.

While thanking President Muhammadu Buhari for approving the appointment of the Governing Board, the Minister congratulated board members for accepting the call for national service in education sector.

He advised the board members to
bring their wealth of experience, adherence to, and respect the rule of law and due process in the discharge of their responsibilities.

” It is also our expectation that you will ensure efficient management, growth and development of the Commission.

” The Governing Board should at all times be abreast of, and abide by, current Laws, government policies, government white papers, circulars, gazettes, and other relevant documents that will help in taking qualitative decisions.

Adamu also advised the newly Governing Board to ensure prudent and judicious management of limited funds; respect the principle of Federal Character in the appointment of members of staff;
comply with all relevant government guidelines and extant policies in addition to ensuring transparency, probity and due process in all its endeavours.

Other mandates include: To promote a harmonious working relationship with management and serve as a stabilising force in times of crisis; to put effective strategies in place for early detection and eradication of social vices such, as drugs dealing, religious intolerance and other forms of misconduct.

“Let me use this opportunity to solicit for your cooperation and to implore you to bring your wealth of experience and expertise to bear by contributing to the development of senior secondary education in Nigeria,” he advised.