ACN, Other Parties, Can’t Lead Nigeria, Says PDP

Ewache Ajefu/Editor

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has  said that Nigerians cannot entrust leadership of the nation  to the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) or any other political party associated with it, because of the  politics of bitterness, insult and frustration which they propagate  that  engenders  division among the electorates.

Reacting to the ACN statement that PDP is preaching ethnic sentiments when the party condemned  the campaign of calumny and hatred by the Action Congress of Nigeria against President ,  the National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Olisa Metuh said, “this is why Nigerians cannot trust the ACN or any other party that associates with it with leadership of Nigeria.

can a political party aspiring to the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria be so consumed with the preaching and sowing the seeds of bitterness and hatred in the minds of the people they want to .

“Nigerians are fools, they are watching with keen interest  the seeds of bitterness and hate that the ACN and other political parties are sowing among the populace. right thinking Nigerian will cast his or her votes for such a party that propagates schisms, bitterness among us.

we need at this moment of nationhood is unity and brotherliness and not the politics of hatred and bitterness”, Metuh said.

He explained that the PDP as  the only national party,  represents the dreams and aspirations  of all Nigerians, advising that they should be weary of political parties that thrive on the gospels  of envy, frustration and bitterness, as they have nothing to show or as dividends of democracy to the electorates.

The PDP spokesman said that it has resolved in 2013 not to engage the ACN or any other opposition party in their  evil politics of propaganda and envy, but concentrate  on to that the dividends of democracy are  delivered to the electorates.

“If PDP continues to concentrate in replying the ACN or any other party in their gospels  of blackmail, abuse and hatred, it will distract us as a party in delivering our goals of  ensuring democracy dividends to electorates, as well as improving the standard of livings of the people, which is the main purpose of PDP as a political party”, he said.

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