Abba Moro Orders Arrest of Omojuwa , Others for Protesting Against NIS Killings

abba_moroJapheth Omojuwa, Uche Briggs, Azeenar Mohammad, Tosin Adex, Ikelolu Senbanjo and Mr. Ogunmola have been arrested for participating in a to protest the continuing retention of Abba Moro as the Interior Minister following the NIS recruitment Stampede that claimed the lives of eighteen young men and women with several injured.
Omojuwa and compatriots arrested at 3.05pm this afternoon by men of the National Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and hugely brutalized in their custody. According to Prosper Ishua popularly called (Last Born) of NSCDC armed squad “there is no human rights” while slapping and hitting Omojuwa. She further said, a fact corroborated by other officers present, that the arrest of Omojuwa and others was ordered by the Minister of interior, Mr. Abba Moro and the FCT Minister, Mr. Bala Mohammad.
Civil sociey activists asked several questions as they watched this draconian twist:Have we gone back to the dark goggled of State era? How do we reconcile the rising level of impunity in this ? Where is the rule of law? has arbitrariness all of a sudden taken centre stage in Nigeria? Or how do we explain a situation, where a serving Minister, Mr. Abba Moro who in any civilized should have resigned and be facing trial for fraud, murder and abuse of office, today in Nigeria not only gallivanting around but using the instrumentality of his office and position in getting the NSCDC to arrest, torture and brutalize innocent Nigerians.
“We insist on our call for the sack of Abba Moro”,a civil society activist said.


2.30 – Nigeria Flag hoisted at Area 1 Roundabout
2.35- 2.50 Youth Holding Peaceful Protest assembled
3.05pm – NSCDC arrests 6 people
3.05-4.00pm – NSCDC men drive arrested citizens around the
4.05- Tosin Adex released
4.30- Arrival at NSCDC office in Gudu
5.46pm – Omojuwa and others assaulted
7.00pm – Omojuwa and others moved to unknown destination
7.00pm-8.00pm – whereabouts unknown

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