$9.3 million Arms Deal:Northern Coalition Accuses FG of ‘Foot-dragging’ On Investigation

Goodluck-Jonathan-NigeriaA coalition of ‘civil associations’ in the northern part of Nigeria, JOCSOF has demanded “serious explanation from(President Goodluck) Jonathan led Federal Government over the series of development emanating from the $9.3million arms scandal in South Africa.”
The coalition in a statement on Saturday specifically accused the Federal government of “foot-dragging in conducting an investigation over the South Africagate”.
Its statement signed by Nura Maaji,interim secretary general and Aminu Hayatu ,publicity secretary said “JOCSOF is a coalition of more than 300 civil associations across northern Nigeria, working in diverse areas of human endeavour, particularly in defence of human rights, peace promotion and conflict resolution, unity and understanding as well as sustainable development in the region and the country at large. JOCSOF is driven by its quest of ensuring a more civil and democratic Nigeria. In view of the above, JOCSOF is demanding serious explanation from Jonathan’s led Federal Government over the series of development emanating from the $9.3million arms scandal in South Africa.
“Nevertheless, JOCSOF expresses dismay and bewilderment over the Federal Government’s foot-dragging in conducting an investigation over the South Africagate, even when the FG has come out to confess ownership of the money in question.
The coalition also demanded that the identity of two Nigerians on the ill-fated plane be revealed “Similarly, in view of the revelations by www.africaneagle.com and www.nairaland.com implicating garrulous Niger Delta terrorist, and GEJ’s do or die 2015 campaigner, Asari Dokubo, as one of the personalities involved in the arms scandal, the allegation of which he denied, however, his tattered and discredited antecedents make it hard for any sane mi nd to take him seriously. Therefore, JOCSOF demands revelation of the identity of the two Nigerians said to have accompanied the money to South Africa”, JOCSOF said.
“Finally, JOCSOF wishes to congratulate all Muslims on the peaceful celebration of Eid and urged them to continue to live in peace and harmony with their guests, as well as adherents (of) other faith, as no development will take place in a rancorous environment as we have witnessed, the past three years”,the statement said.

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