2023: Rep tasks electorate on candidates, not parties

By EricJames Ochigbo

Rep. Abejide Leke (ADC-Kogi), has advised Nigerians to vote for credible candidates with great qualities and not political parties in the 2023 general election.

Leke said this when he addressed newsmen in Abuja on Monday, saying the electorate should look beyond parties and godfathers in the 2023 general election.
He said that often time, credible candidates were denied party tickets in primaries due to personal interests.

“I want to advice our people that the time is coming again, assess your representatives, either those that are governors or lawmakers at the Senate and House of Representatives.

“What have they done in terms of deliverables? If they have done well, please do not listen to party politics that is where the mistake usually comes from.

“If someone has done very well and somebody somewhere does not like his face and he can be thrown out.

“I want you to concentrate on candidates that are coming to you, if the person is in power right now, if you have enjoyed him and his style of governance, go and vote for him even if he emerges a candidate of the smallest party,” he said.

Leke added: “I expect that many smaller parties will be represented in the 10th assembly, as they will compete for the best candidates.
“Many credible candidates that will be thrown out from the big parties as a result of internal wrangling will be accommodated by smaller parties.”

Leke said that 2023 election will be solely won at polling units as rigging collation centres has been addressed by the new Electoral Act.

“Even the thugs themselves will have less work to do this time; I will advice them to change their attitude and be reasonable as thuggery will take them nowhere,” he said. (NAN)