2023 Presidential Poll: Obasanjo rude, cruel to Nigeria, By Tayo Akingbade

All along, I have always applaud Ex-President Obasanjo not because of being a fellow Yoruba man but based on his following meritorious and standing achievements:

1. Obasanjo’s banking revolution achievement: Following IBB’s terrible state of collapsing banking system, through to Abacha and to Abd Salam administrations in Nigeria Banking was like a graveyard for commoners. 

But Obasanjo worked collaboratively and commitedly with Charles Soludo the then Gov of CBN. 

This successful banking sanitation is to the immeasurable Joy and benefits of common Nigerians. 

Even to those of us in diaspora, our remittances to Nigeria with ease, now, is traceable to Obasanjo’s digital culture initiatives. Suffice it to say that it was clearly NOT in the interest of the few wealthy Nigerians. 

However, Obasanjo held boldly and successfully the bull by the horns.

2. The Digital culture antecedent: Kudos to Obasanjo‘s administration who made frantic efforts to actualise the digital revolution in Nigeria. To those who may not be fully aware of his vision, it was to his credit that the functional satellite was launched in Nigeria. This revolutionised us into use of mobile phones and ubiquitous smart technology in Nigeria. 

3: The Digital Travelling Passport: Prior to Obasanjo administration, Nigeria Travelling Passport was analogue. This reduced us to Number 180 position in the world out of 187 nations as at that time. Thanks to Obasanjo who elevated us to the Electronic or Digital passport in the year 2009. Therefore, the Notorious OLUWOLE analogue system was buried and cremated by Obasanjo administration.

However, Obasanjo went NEGATIVELY off the roof on this particular election outcome!!! 

He’s not only rude to Nigeria as a country but very cruel to the entire community of common Nigerians who has been the victim of all turmoil, which has been besetting the growing of that country. Given his convincing evidence, to him, reason, cause or motive for his call for cancellation and opposition to declaring Tinubu as president elect, Obasanjo has the enormous and uphill task to prove his credibility over this singular act!!!

Tayo Akingbade, contributed this at an APC forum in Australia & Oceania