2023: Ohuabunwa joins race for Presidency

…….says new Nigeria is possible

By Chimezie Godfrey

The Convener, New Nigeria Group (NNG), Dr Sam Ohuabunwa from the South-East has declared his intention to run for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Dr. Ohuabunwa who made the declaration at a press conference on Monday in Abuja, said he has decided to run to heed to the cry of the citizens of Nigeria who are tired of the prevailing economic hardship and hopelessness.

Also, he said the move is to change the narrative that there is no Igbo man that is serious about running for the office of the president come 2023, among other reasons.

He noted that the New Nigeria Group (NNG) was birthed out of the strong motivation that a new Nigeria is in the offing, adding that this message was urgent as many Nigerians have lost hope in the country because of the depressing economic challenges where 53% of the Nigerian youths are unemployed.

He pointed out that the country has become poverty capital world with nearly 70% of Nigerians classified as poor by the World Bank.

Ohuabunwa also stressed that many Nigerian youths, including professionals – pharmacists, medical doctors, nurses, engineers etc are daily trodding the foreign embassies seeking visas to every country in the world, adding that if this not a crises situation, he do not what it can described.

He therefore said that in the light of the foregoing, among other serious challenges that have threatened the existence of the nation, he has decided to run for the office of the president of the country in order to enthrone good governance which Nigerians are desperately yearning for.

He said,”Ladies and gentlemen, this Briefing is called today to essentially answer this recurring question. I have been a registered member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) almost from the founding of the party. Though membership of the BNG cuts across many other parties, including those with no party affiliation, we have prayerfully decided to run on the platform of my party – the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

“We are bringing most of our members who are currently not members of the PDP into the party as a way of strengthening the party and infusing new blood, new thinking and helping to support the party in its new mission.

“We are drawn more closely to the PDP having noted its determination to run as a true democratic party with a new internal democratic ethos. This new direction indicating an enviable reformation was exhibited at its National Convention for the election of party officials at the end of October, 2021, during which it peacefully elected a new and competent crop of national leaders.

“The PDP in our view has shown that it has learnt some useful lessons during the past 6 years of being in the opposition at the federal level, and seems prepared to correct all the mistakes it may have made when it was in power, and to refocus governance at all levels to the true enhancement of the security, wellbeing and happiness of the citizens of Nigeria as its core mandate.

“We believe that in doing this, the new thinking, the new vision, the new values, and the freshness we bring will be in sync with the new mission of the PDP, No doubt, we are fully persuaded the birth of a new Nigeria which we espouse will find fulfillment through the platform of the People’s Democratic Party.

“Finally, we are also convinced that the competence, character and courage we bring into political Leadership will put the party in good stead to assuage the cries of Nigerian citizens who have longer for enlightened, visionary, emphatic leadership that will heal the country, unite the people and forge a nation that is at peace with itself and globally respected.

“This announcement is intended to clear two doubts. First, it is to confirm that I plan by God’s grace to run on the platform of the PDP for the office of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023.

“Second, it is to confirm that I am from the South East geo-political zone of the country and I am running for the office of the president come 2023. Thus, the erroneous impression or assertion that no South Eastern Nigerian is showing serious interest in running for the office of president in 2023 is hereby fully debunked.

“At the appropriate time, we shall in concert with our party leadership make the needed declaration.”

Dr Ohuabunwa assured Nigerians that there new Nigeria vision is to make Nigeria become a first world nation where poverty, low quality of life and joblessness will be vastly eliminated, thereby making Nigeria globally competitive like Singapore, South Korea, UAE and others.

He added that part of the new Nigeria vision is to make Nigeria a nation diversified away from export of crude petroleum and natural commodities to aggressive export of processed and value added products and knowledge-driven services.

Among other laudable promises, he assured that Nigeria will become a nation that works for all, where all citizens live at peace with each other and where all are treated fairly and equitably, creating happy and contented citizens.