2023: Nigeria needs fresh ideas from diaspora, says Presidential hopeful

Presidential hopeful, Chief Kennedy Fintan Nnaji,  says his decision to temporarily  jettison his business in Japan for the 2023 presidential race, is  to come in with fresh policies for better life in Nigeria

He said  electricity remained key to rapid development around the world which would be his first focus in ushering in  24 hours electricity across Nigeria.

“My vision will be to create 20 million jobs, free and quality education, robust economy and security if elected President of Nigeria in 2023 general elections.

Nnaji, President of the Nigeria Union in Japan and Patron, Sports Writer’s Association of Nigeria, (SWAN) Lagos Chapter, made the pledge in a video on his manifestos made available to newsmen on Tuesday in Lagos.

The presidential hopeful, who recently declared his intention to run for office of the president under a yet-to-be disclosed political platform, promised to strengthen the unity of the nation for sustainable development.

Nnaji, a 53-year old businessman from Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo State, vowed to tackle security challenges unemployment, bad governance and disunity, threatening the nation.

According to him, Nigeria has all it takes to rule the world only that the nation need a president that will be a bridge builder, create massive jobs, network, build schools, hospitals, good roads and other infrastructure, recreational centres among others.

“As a detribalised Nigerian, I figured out that our political elites have succeeded in sowing hatred, disunity, untrustworthiness and lack of harmony in-between our ethnic groups and these have prompted my resolve to join the presidential race.

“Fostering peace and unity among Nigerians is part of my agenda.

“My  utmost agenda will be to strengthen Nigeria’s  unity with  the same values as it was in the beginning, restore confidence in government among Nigerians through transparent governance and equity.

“My manifestos are many. I will strive to provide 24 hours electricity for all during my first tenure in office. I will create 20 million jobs during my first tenure in office through viable industrialisation policies,” Nnaji said.

The presidential hopeful said that though many could regard his agenda as being exaggerated but Nigeria is blessed with  bio mass in abundance to get 24 hours electricity.

Nnaji added that his findings on mineral resources also showed that only a branch of his metal recycling business in Japan could create half of his projected 20million jobs.

He promised to create foreign direct investments, enabling environment, provide favourable incentives for local and foreign investors to enhance macro and sustainable investment project in Nigeria.

According to him, efforts will be made to further digitalise the nation’s economy, upgrade existing network system for fast and convenient communication while also serving the people with mutual respect.

Nnaji said that his administration would reorganise education system to meet the global standard while also prioritising the welfare of both serving and retired teachers and others.

“I will restore the dignity of teachers to encourage better learning, create same curriculum for every Nigerian both in public and private schools. I will equip our existing institutions of learning and build new ones.

“I will create free and quality education for all starting from elementary to senior secondary schools.

“All funds should be for the development of the state and the welfare of the people.

“Permit me to say that underpayment of workers is the remote cause of bribery and corruption, and even insecurity anywhere in the world,” he said.

The presidential hopeful said that it would be his responsibility to create many sources of revenue to further  boost the nation’s economy and stop borrowing from foreign countries.

He promised to create jobs and accelerate development using private sector resources, while also providing development solution which would  improve the people’s socio-economic wellbeing and competitiveness.

Nnaji promised to develop agriculture and ensure food security by giving adequate aides  to farmers for mechanised farming, saying “food insecurity brings insecurity”.

On tourism, the presidential hopeful said: “I will make Nigeria the best and the safest tourist destination in African continent. Tourism can generate revenue more than our crude oil.”

On security, Nnaji said that he intended to  boost security by creating a unifying government, saying “bad government brings insecurity. Good environment kills insecurity”

The presidential hopeful, who commended past and present Nigerian leaders for their contributions, said upon arriving Nigeria, he would visit past Presidents to explain his ambition and plans.

He promised to visit religious leaders, critical groups and unions, men and women of goodwill to make his agenda clear to all.

“Time has come for us to build an everlasting and sustainable future for ourselves and for the future generations of Nigerians,” he said. (NAN)