2023: Don’t give Obidients a space, Senator Nnamani tells constituents

Umahi legacy


By Chimezie Godfrey

Enugu East Senator and former Governor of the state, Senator Chimaroke Nnamani has again counseled his constituents against succumbing to pressures or sentiments to vote for the Labour Party Presidential candidate , Mr. Peter Obi in February 2023.

Rather, he told them to remain steadfast with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its candidates to restore hope and emancipate the people from deprivation.

Senator Nnamani warned against Greek gifts from the Obidients canvassers as that would negatively affect the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chances to produce state Governors, Senators, members of the House of Representatives and state House of Assembly.

The Senator likened the Obidients movement to the story of the Tortoise who borrowed feather from other animals to enable it fly to attend a feast only to appropriate what belongs to everyone to himself alone, claiming to be everybody.

“That is exactly what they want. To borrow from every body and turn round to appropriate everything . Do not give them your feathers, let them Stay on the ground where they belong. Your feathers are the structures they need. Call their bluff”, he stressed .

“Our party and platform is PDP. We must stand firm . We must not be swayed by the Obidient sentiments and vote Labour Party . If we blur the distinction , it will be difficult to reverse.

He told them, “Remember these Obidients advocates are noisy , loud , intolerant, proselytizers, condescending but less than 0.25 percent of over 200million Nigerian population. At least Osun state 2000 votes for Labour Party bears it out.

“Why should we establish foundation and beech head for others . We cannot allow Obidients to inherit our labour in the PDP . In battle , do you give invaders your beech head to land and now seek to drive them away . We have to be on the alert because they are luring us into false sense of complacency using subterfuge.

He clarified that the boundaries are clear, so also the differences , we are Ebeano and our political party is PDP, our symbol is umbrella not Labour Party .