2023: Concede presidential ticket to South East, Group to APC

The South East Forum of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of the All Progressives Congress (APC), advised the APC to concede its 2023 presidential ticket to the South East to attract massive vote from the .

Mr Lawrence Onuchukwu, the forum leader said this in a statement Wednesday in Abuja in support of Governor ’s call the rotational from the northern Nigeria to South.

Onuchukwu said rotation from the North to the South was one of the surest the party to amass large vote from the and the geopolitical region which would translate into another landslide victory the party.

According to him, the South East remained the only zone in the southern Nigeria that not produced the nation’s president since the rotation dispensation that began in 1999.

“The APC as ruling party must do everything possible to concede its presidential ticket to a South easterner in 2023 to attract massive vote and a landslide victory the ,” he said.

Onuchukwu reiterated rotation of presidency between the North and South remained a veritable recipe to check mistrust among political and bring about peace and in the nation.

He noted practice was the main reason why Nigeria had enjoyed and experienced over 20 years of unbroken democracy since 1999.

“Its no magic that Nigeria experienced over 20 years unbroken democracy; it is all due to the rotation of power that been going since 1999 to date,’’ he said.

He lauded the support of el-Rufa’i for the rotational , saying that he was courageous to speak the truth against all odds.

He commended el-Rufa’i for his advocacy that the 2023 presidency should go to the southern part of the country.(NAN)