2019: Politics not do or die affair, Wamakko tells Nigerians

By Abdallah el-Kurebe, Editor

As 2019 general elections approaches, Senator Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko has called on Nigerians to consider politics not as a do or die affair.

According to the Senator in an interview, “God gives and leadership to and from  whosoever He wishes and at His appointed time. All Nigerians have the equal rights to aspire to  any position. We can only have one Chairman,  Governor or President at a time.”

He added that the underlying motive for seeking any elective position should be to meet the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians. “The main idea here is that people are important than any egocentric interests.

“We have to continually put this at the back of minds, if democracy must be allowed to grow, to be in tune the extant global trends. Let us consider all Nigerians as Nigerians  if the nation would grow.

“We should consider all Nigerians as Nigerians as the country belongs to all of us. Until we believe this, we have a way to go , and doing otherwise is retrogressive and would continue to retard the growth , as well as development of Nigeria,” Wamakko stressed.

He observed that Nigeria had abundant natural and mineral resources which should be fully explored and exploited, if the nation must surge to greatness.

“We have everything to survive in this country, we must therefore up in this direction,  just as we should shun in all its ramifications.

“Nigerians must also learn to be law abiding, be self reliant, be industrious and learn myriad of trades, rather than solely depending on elusive , non existent white collar jobs.

“We have abundant fertile land, we can go poultry and other related agricultural ventures,” he maintained.

Opining that Nigeria’s political space was maturing, Wamakko acknowledged that there was still room for improvement.