2019: Nigeria needs lawmakers sensitive to positive change

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A candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr Dennis Idahosa, says Nigeria needs. members of the National Assembly that are not selfish but sensitive to positive change.

Idahosa, who is the 2019 APC candidate for Ovia Federal Constituency, Edo, said this while  addressing newsmen in Benin on Sunday.

He said it was the only way that the constant power-play between the executive and the NASS could be brought to the barest minimum.

This, he said, would ensure a harmonious working relationship between the two arms of government.

He described as unfortunate, a situation where members of the NASS who were elected to represent their common interests, ended up representing their personal interests.

The APC candidate noted that this situation had not only contributed to the non development of their constituencies, but had, in no small means, affected the overall development of the country in general.

He, therefore, appealed to the people to ensure that they did not only vote in credible candidates, but those with “strong character” that could attract positive development to their areas.

“It is time we (the people) get it right by voting in people who will truly represent us and not themselves and the only way we can get it right is to “shine our eyes”.

“When we have the right people at the NASS, it will not only impact positively on us as a people, but the country will be better for it.

“We should understand by now that the constant fight that characterise the present NASS and the executive is because some persons are pushing for their personal interests.

“These fights disturb the smooth flow of governance at the federal level, as well as affects the positive development of their constituency,” he said. (NAN)

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