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2019: Let us be angry, By Musa Simon Reef

The drumbeat of 2019 is gathering momentum, with politicians engaged in consultation for elective offices in southern Kaduna. While democracy has been so gracious to us since 1999, our politicians have not done what is expected of them. In the years of democratic rule, we have produced a governor, deputy govs, senators,  Reps, members of House of Assembly, including Ministers of the federal Republic. We have been appointed GMD NNPC, Chief of Defence Staff, Chief of army staff (twice), Chief of Naval Staff, DG NIMASA, Dep Gov of CBN, among other countless appointments.

Despite all these appointments, has SK felt the impacts of such appointments? Just like we witnessed the appointments of no fewer than eight military administrators during the military era, with no visible strides on ground, our people have been neglected and exploited,  not by any external marauding forces but by those elected to represent them. That does not in any infer that nothing has been achieved. The role of late Isaiah Balat as Minister for state and senator provides a glimmer of Hope for us.

As we set on yet another journey, I am concerned with the calibre  of persons we are sending to both state and federal legislative houses. Considering the performances of our lawmakers in both houses, there is the urgent need to do a review  and ensure  that only the best are elected. We have most times experienced deafening silence from our lawmakers who should be seen to represent us at the most critical periods. In the calamity that has befallen us as a people, the failure of the political leadership to see  us as a united political entity sharing the same crippled  destiny has been obvious

Let me  at this junction salute the  irresistable  courage of those standing  up for the  people.  Of a special meantion  is our own erudite Bishop Joseph Danlami Bagobiri of the Kafanchan  CATHOLIC  DIOCESE. When most of  our political representatives  feigned  ignorance, he refused  being  Nicodemus and told bitter truths to power  that be. SOKAPU, led  by  Bar Solomon Musa, proved  its  mettle in the midnight  of  criminal silence from our elected  reps over our  collective tragedy.  Barr. Jacob  Mark led SK Professionals and CSOs  to put issues on the front burners. It  took  divine intervention to rescue  Luka BINNIYAT from  prison,  just  as   Gloria Mabeiam Ballason  emerged   triumphant  in the two cases  she instituted against the Kaduna State Govt over  rights violations.


James Kanyip has  remained  a legal  cornerstone on issues regarding human rights. Together with others, he secured a  court  judgement that declared  illegal  the closure of tertiary  schools  in  Southern  Kaduna. Mrs  Charity Shekari drew global attention to the menace  of attacks by herdsmen in not  only  SK but  other parts  of the country. She has remained  a silent voice , so do many, I guess. These people, among  many others,, remain some  of our finest in our trying periods. They shone so  bright due  the ineptitude  of our elected representatives.  Where  mainstream media  were muzzled,  The KEFASONS, ZIGWAIS,  OBIS, PETERS, SULEIMANS,, MAKERIS,  BOMBAS, among many others, refused to let go  of  issues on the social media platforms.


As we move into the trenches for  yet another political battle, may the anger  we carry in us  push us to reject those  who have turned us  into merchandise for their  political upliftment. These dealers  in  the power game have consistently  known that  with  bags  of  money, they  can continue  their  hold on us that have been impoverished  by their devious and wicked ways. Let us for the sake of our children and generations  yet unborn reject those  who think with money, we can be bought. In this line, let us  be angry  enough to confine to dustbin the commercialisation of the political process. PDP and APC are not religions. Where money holds sway, we should identify  with the platform that grants  us the right  to express our freedom of  choice devoid  of  financial inducement.


As a people,  we  must reject attempts  to Balkanise and make us enemies of ourselves. We come from a heroic  history. The  blood of our  forebears  were used to  water  the unity of this country. Our area  is endowed with the intellectual  and economic  prowess  to be a shining bulb on a hill. What  has fought  against  us is personal ego and selfishness of our  leaders. We should broaden and expand our frontiers for  participation.  In  a  bid to  come out of our Plato’s cave of despair, we must  be angry enough  to pelt away  these demons  behind our miserable  conditions. More than any time, we should reach out to others to be key  players in not only the state but  the  country at  large.

As long as we submit to these political merchants, so long we will continue  being slaves to their evil machinations.  Let  us  therefore resolve to be change  agents in dealing a deadly  blow to the  monsters of money politics  and ethnic bickering over who represents us in  both  state and federal  law-making  houses.

May God  grant us the grace  to reject  money politics in 2019.


Reef is a media professional based in Abuja and can be reached via:


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