2018: Obi calls for declaration of state of emergency on economy

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The former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, has called for a declaration of state of emergency on the economy, even as he joined other men of goodwill in wishing Nigerians a productive 2018.

In his New Year message made available to the press on Sunday, Obi urged Nigerians and the country’s leaders to focus their energy on improving the economy. In his words: “Over four million Nigerians lost their jobs in 2017 and the unemployment rate increased from 14% to 19%. We also witnessed non-payment of salaries, contractors and suppliers all over the country all of which should be worrisome to us.”

The former Governor said the situation warranted the declaration of state of emergency on the economy.

Obi prayed to God to grant Nigerian leaders at all levels the wisdom to take right decisions and make sacrifices that would let the country remain focused even when facing the vicissitudes of the time.

He appealed to those in authority to see the challenges nations are facing as an opportunity to approach governance from entirely different perspectives, which, according to him, should include drastic cut in the cost of governance and prudent management of resources for public good as well as savings for the future.

The former Governor also called on Nigerian to show more patriotism by resolving to be part of the project of building a better country for the children of the country.

“Above all, let us remember Nigeria and our leaders in prayers always,” he said.

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