2015:Parties ganging up against PDP will fail,says Jonathan

Jonathan 200.jpg 600By Lawal A. Dogara
The North-West PDP unity rally ,which was held at Murtala Square Kaduna on Tuesday
recorded low turnout of its members. The occasion was attended by president Goodluck Jonathan,Vice President Namadi Sambo ,PDP national executives and governors of Kaduna,Katsina, Kebbi and Jigawa States among others.

Speaking at the rally, President Jonathan said those parties ganging up against the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) ahead of the 2015 elections would fail because the PDP had consolidated and would remain the most formidable party on Nigeria. He insisted that the PDP was the only party that could lead Nigerians to anywhere and had remained the people’s party since 1999
According to him,”we are quite happy to be here today for this unity rally ,we have our leaders,we have everybody, this zone Northwest, is a special zone, it is the only zone that we have seven states,and the zone that has the highest population in this country.So this zone is a special zone ,we appreciate the turnout of this rally,we came in to this arena and we have seen people in different colors.thousands and thousands of party faithful,we thank you,we are very grateful.”

“I appreciate the commitment of members,we are not here on an election rally,we are
here as faithful members of our PDP to talk to ourselves..we are also getting new members ,those who stepped aside should comeback,that is the purpose of this rally.Im not going to give you a countdown of what we have done,the honorable minister has done it,though he did not cover all the things we have done because there was no time for that.But we are here for a unity rally and to reassure all of you that the PDP is the only party that can lead this country to the next level.”

“PDP is the only party that whatever happens to the PDP,it happens to all Nigerians.PDP is the only party that is for the people,by the people ….We are told that some people are ganging up in different ways ,but we assure you that we are not afraid of any gang up,from 1999 there were two,three parties that came together……….they didn’t go anywhere.If they gang up,they will crash,”he said.
Apparently referring to some governors who had left the PDP in the zone,the President said that efforts were being made by the party to ensure that all the states in the Northwest remained in PDP,even as he vowed that Kano state would never be stolen by the opposition.

“I used to tell people that if you put different oil in a container….different acids in a container,…what will come out from the content of that?It is disaster.So the gang up will not work,don’t be worried,it s not a new thing?Look at great parties all over the world..they don’t change everyday like a rock that is metamorphosing,..see the ANC in South Africa is about 200 years old,older than Nigeria as a state,but has never changes its name.”

“PDP has never changed it’s name….it is the leading party in Africa and can lead us to where we’ want to go.PDP is the only Democratic Party where you can rise up to the highest level in the party.Other parties will not give me and you the opportunity to move to where we want to go.So continue to support PDP ,continue to be with the PDP.”
“Northwest people we want to thank you,we had many challenges but because of your commitment, we have been able to overcome these challenges..as a nation we will continue to progress…if you decided to enter a septic tank,you have also made a change.So continue to make changes,PDP remains stable and formidable for the development of this nation.Let me reassure you…tell all Nigerians and the rest of the world,PDP is still the dominant party and this zone is still under the control of PDP.”

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