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2015:Jonathan Scared of Declaring Because He Knows Nobody Wants Him-Najatu Muhammed Interview


Naja 2Najatu Muhammed is a renowned politician from Kano .In this explosive interview, she expresses her views rather controversially on issue of resource control.She slams the Goodluck Jonathan regime  as  the most corrupt Nigeria has ever had and says the government is incompetent  and has failed woefully.

She expresses her  frustration over the failure of the Peoples  Democratic Party ,PDP led government .In her usual bluntness, she says there is no hope in PDP. She believes the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC which she says  is actually owned by the people is  better positioned  to take the country out of the woods :’It has to be APC”, she said in answer to a question of which party is better suited to save Nigeria.Naja  as she is popularly called asks leaders from the North :General Theophilus Danjuma ,Yakubu Gowon ,Ibrahim Babangida among others to raise their voices now and say “enough is enough” to the carnage ravaging the region.

She spoke in an interview by Danlami Nmodu,publisher/editor -in -chief , Newsdiaryonline.com .Excerpts:

Q:..I want to start from the national level..Now we are all calling for the return of the (abducted Chibok girls)How could this abduction happen?

A:Actually,we don’t (control) the instruments of coercion .The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria stated by the Constitution  is the President .He controls the instrument of coercion. One is now beginning to ask if really these children were kidnapped by the so-called Boko Haram or whoever ,is the government telling us that the so called Boko Haram has a better intelligence network than the government? Because these people went in with full military regalia .They went into the school and peacefully took these children away pretending to be soldiers.So the question now to ask is that this area is under the state of emergency.Under the state of emergence  means there is heavy concentration  of our soldiers and the so-called SSS.Now if they are moving their troops from one place to the other ,the normal thing for any soldier to do on earth is to send signals that our soldiers are  moving from this point to that point.How come that these people will come in in full military uniform,in hiluxes,these are not cars that are invisible.They are thoroughly visible.They come in, do their atrocities and leave unchallenged in a place where there is supposed to be a state of emergency?

Q:More harrowing is the fact that three days ago the president said he doesn’t know where they are up till now

A:Well the president does not know anything.He either  does not know anything or he is responsible for it because Nigerians are now beginning to believe that this Boko Haram is a government Boko Haram,because if you remember what happened at Yobe, a day before the carnage at the students’ hostel

Q:Buni Yadi

A:Buni Yadi,the military withdrew.Why did they withdraw and how come that these many people came in and operated for over five hours unchallenged,slaughtering students.Nobody ever asked that question.The government has never answered these questions.

Q:But they tell us it is in the nature of modern terrorists  to do this kind of thing.

A:Modern terrorists,modern army.This is not an excuse,these things are happening consistently. For the past four years there is this so called fight against terrorism in this country.They  have done all they can to turn it into  a Muslim Christian fight or  quarrel.But it hasn’t worked because even Christians are now asking questions.It can’t work because even if it is a war between Christians and Muslims,we are only talking about Northern  Christians and Northern  Muslims.And even if you say ,okay, they are Muslims like they were saying  that northerners,I  remember the Dame,the First Lady having said that it is because they don’t love  her  husband, that is why they are putting all these bombs all over.If we don’t love your husband,in the first place you cannot win election because Muslims constitute the majority of the people of this country.Without their vote he can never be president.But not just  that .Even if it is, why are the Muslims not bombing Bayelsa? Or the South South ,or the Ibos?..In fact more Muslims are being killed than Christians.All of a sudden they were bombing churches.They stopped bombing churches now they are bombing Mosques and slaughtering people in the Mosques.Puttng bombs at the market places where there are 90% Muslims.But even assuming that it is Muslims against Christians, why have you failed your so-called Christian supporters by not giving them security.The bottomline is that there is no security for anybody including the Christians that he claimed are the ones that voted for him.(That) as a Christian, we Muslims hate him and we kill ourselves for hating him.

Q:Does that make sense?
A:It does not make sense.It’s so irresponsible to even think like that. But the bottom line is why is not even providing security to the Christians? And he has not given Christians electricity. He has never given Christians roads.There is no Christian Naira.Our children all go to the same schools,whether public or private schools.He has not done anything for our  northern Christians.And let me tell you,is it by accident if you go to the Churches in Northern Nigeria, over 70% of them are led by Southerners.Is it by accident or design and what do they preach?They only inculcate hatred between northerners and yet they are on our land..The whole of the South East is not bigger than Niger State.They cannot do without the North.But you know what they want to do? They want to colonize us.Divide and rule.I hope the Northern Christians can understand that.It’s just divide and rule,because they have no benefit.Even at the Church, they are discriminated against.In fact, my neighbor is a Northerner and she  is from Benue  and she was telling me that her husband who is also from Benue has been so discriminated against in PortHarcourt that he wants to come back to the North.

Q:Is he working  in PortHarcourt?

A:He is working in PortHarcourt and he is a Christian.They don’t even accept you over there.So what is happening?This divide and rule has to stop and Nigerians must stop lying and  deceiving themselves.The bottom line is Jonathan has failed and he has failed woefully.The essence of any government on earth including Nigeria as per our Constitution  is to protect lives and property,to protect the territorial integrity of our country.That is one.And then, in  Article 130 of our Constitution  it is explicit, the President is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.The whole responsibility of giving security lies with the president.But why is he now shifting blame  to Borno State Governor.The Borno State Governor does not control the military,nor the SSS nor the Police.So let them face it,he has failed.He has failed dismally, he has failed.He cannot give security to even those that he claims are his lovers,his friends.How many  churches did he visit.52 churches in less than 2 months.

Q:But is it not pathetic that national discourse is being reduced to religious level for a country that has produced an Awolowo,an Azikiwe,Tafawa Balewa,Ahmadu Bello and the rest?

A:You see when people are incompetent, they have to create ways of hiding their incompetence, of  diverting attention.That is why they are talking of Muslim,Christian,we didn’t know,I grew up going to a Catholic  school,we didn’t  know the difference.Nobody has ever told me in Northern Nigeria  not to pray.When Gowon was (Head of State) for nine years, we didn’t even realize that he was a Christian,nobody cared.All we cared about was performance.What does  it matter to me whether it is a Christian or a Muslim or an infidel or a pagan  that gives electricity or gives me security.It doesn’t matter to me who gives it to me.Does it matter to you who kills you?The thing is that you have been killed.Does it matter to you who denied you education,who denies you an enabling environment to progress economically and otherwise? Does it matter?A victim is a victim.It doesn’t matter whether you are killed by a Muslim or by a Christian or by a Boko Haram or by the incompetence of the government.The best you can say about Jonathan, even if he is not in cahoots ,he is incompetent.You can’t  deny that .Anybody who says otherwise  is somebody who is getting pittance out of him.Nobody can defend Jonathan in any way.You can’t defend him.You cannot say there is security.You cannot say he has given security,you cnnot say that he has given any kind of amenity  to the people.All they have been talking about is Christian –Muslim,Christian- Muslim,for God’s sake.

Q:But he has made effort towards solving  these problems by setting up committees.Eve you belonged to one of the Committees..

A:There has never been any seriousness.When I went into that dialogue committee,I personally thought that the North was on fire.And if your house is on fire, if you see a window, you don’t start saying no,no, maybe I will be safe.You just jump.And that was what I did.But however, he has pushed it under the carpet.There was a committee before ours and he has now  set up a third committee.He is irresponsible…At worse, he is only diverting attention.He has failed the country.

Q:Diverting attention to achieve what?

A:Well,a lot of people are saying,Iam not sure what the constitution says,but there is a war,there cannot be elections.Two,for the north which constitutes over 60% of the population of this country including the landmass,you need to cow it.He is so scared.He still hasn’t declaring because he knows that nobody wants him.

Q:Why do you think he is scared really?

A:He is scared  because he knows that he has to shed more blood.He has to kill everybody to come back in 2015,let me tell you.

Q:What does that mean?

A:What it means is that in Hausa we say ina ruwa dan lahira da mutuwa ,when  you are already dead, what fear have you of death?Nothing.The North is already dead so we have no fear of death,anyway,.Everybody will do anything humanly possible to make sure that Jonathan does not come back in 2015.Because whether you like it or not, all the evidence   being shown to us today is that Jonathan hates Northerners, both Christians and Muslims.Yes, it is true.I read what Solomon Darlong said and that is the best thing that I have ever heard from a Christian.

Q:I didn’t read him?
A:Yes I did.

Q:What did he say?

A:Th bottomline ,the crux of  his answer was that this so-called Middlebelt that they are talking about,these so –called northern Christian, friends,these so-called northern christians  as friends of  the South or whatever that is being campaigned for is nothing more than the need to grab their land.They live on their land,well, they live on everybody’s land.There are more southerners in Northern Nigeria than they are in their own places,especially the south east and the south south.They are more resident here in the north than they are in their own places.Like I  said to you earlier, the whole of the South East is no bigger than Niger State.So what they are trying to do is they think the northern Christians are stupid.They think that when they say we love you,they accept.But they have seen the reality on the ground.They have tried to set Muslims against Christians, they have failed;Fulani cattle rearers and farmers,it has failed.It is going to continue to fail because they are basing it on lies.It’s all about divide and rule, divide and conquer.They  want so much the land.That is why everything he is talking about is ,there has to be a change in the constitution so that if you are resident in a certain place for a certain number of years then you become a resident so that tomorrow Chukwuemeka will be the governor of Kano State because he has been resident in Kano.Who do I have in Anambra or Imo.All I have is mai yanka farce or mai suya or mai gadi.That is all I have over there.Who goes there?Who lives there from the North?Who is accepted there?Go and look at the market in Kano, a lot of them are owned by Ibos.Can I own a stall in Onitsha Market?You can’t…They are talking about resource control, they want to have 100% of their oil.I say fine maraba  it’s okay.It is owned by you ,it is God given to you like you said.So if it is your oil and  it is not our oil,it means that it is your country and not our country,we accept that.But you also must leave our land.Believe you me, personally,I feel that they should keep their oil 100% of it.And 100% of our land and anything that is on our land must be given  to  us.Nobody has right over it,just like  we don’t have right over their oil.I totally agree.And they should leave our land.Let them leave,let them go and keep their oil.But no that is not what they want.They can’t live in that  swamp..They can’t live there.They don’t even have the land.They don’t cultivate anything,they are the laziest people on earth.Lazy because they did not do anything to get oil.You just wake up one morning and you find that God has given you oil under your feet.What did you do to put the oil there?Nothing…

Q:Why is there the impression that the Northern elites are the laziest?
A:The northern elite, yes I do agree.The business professionals,yes,I do agree.That is why they are shouting at this confab,this ,no,because they are parasistes.These irresponsible people calling for all sections of the country to get access to oil are irresponsible.They should leave their oil for them  and they should leave our land.So everybody keep to his own.The centre,let the centre find what it will do to get money to run its business.But they should talk about total resource control.

Q:But can we have a country where we restrict others from coming and we are restrained from theirs?

A:..We are not restricting anybody.What Iam talking is about land and that which is within it,underneath it..Everything should belong to those who ownit.That is why they talk resource control because it’s their land  and they are right.Let them control their resources 100%.And let us control our own 100%.

Q:Let’s go back to Boko Haram.What does anybody stand to gain from Boko Haram insurgency, the killings,giving the northa bad name.The north has been decimated and it will take years to return to a normal society?

A: You see, I aways want to refer to Gordon Duff.I read Gordon Duff,is it for the Liberation of Nigeria,Ican’t quite remember.But what he said was that there was a Boko Haram,but it has long been hijacked by corrupt security apparatus of this country.And in fact, he even went on to say that the only way that Nigeria will go back on track is if you have a dictator.So who hijacked it?What is the benefit?Let us first look at the economic benefit.If the government I said to be spending N2billion everyday on security  and our  soldiers at the front are only getting N1000 per day and they pay their medical bill, if you are shot,if you need amputation or anything you pay for it.If you die you get N50,000.Then somebody is benefitting from the warand that war will not stop.And then there is the proliferation of arms and drugs.Anywhere you have war,  then there  will be high proliferation of arms and drugs.Who is importing them?Who is gaining?Those people will not allow the so-called insurgency to end.They manufacture the insurgency, they execute it.So this is just it ,one.Number two,it also like I said earlier has political advantage for the Jonathan candidate.

Q:Boko Haram?

A:Yes, this insurgency,these killings,it is an advantage for him as he says


A:..Like in fact they started to agitate that when there is war ,there will be no election.They started to make this agitation that where you have state of emergency,there should be no election.There is that agitation.Who is losing and who is  gaining if there are no elections in Northern Nigeria?And who determines where you will put state of emergency?So if Jonathan decides the whole Northern region cannot have election,he is home and dry.This is a political game and there is also financial gain in it.So they don’t want this thing to end.And let me tell you ,why is it that Christians have been known to have been  arrested for putting bombs in their churches-Bauchi,Gombe,even in Kano.The man in Bayelsa who had to wear a turban and a Kaftan to look like Muslim attempting to burn his Church.Why?And then somebody asked a question which I saw in the internet.She said where are those militants that  were trained by the government after amnesty.Where are they working ?And then the question of AlMustapha…..So why is he (Major Hamza AlMustapha ) now a henchman of Mr President.Why are all these terrorists, the Asari Dokubos and co ,why are all they the staunchmen of Mr President?Are they lesser terrorists?Have they even stopped their acts of terrorism?

Q:They say they are militants not terrorist

A:What  is the difference.The only difference is that a militant is a Christian and the  terrorist is a Muslim in name.But in action,they are one and the same.Anybody who terrorizes people is a terrorist.Anybody who goes and kill and steal and plunder and burn houses down is a terrorist.They are  all terrorsists.But you know the west prefers to call some militants and muslims terrorists.But they are one and the same quite honestly.

Q:Back to this abduction of school girls.It has really outraged all not just in Nigeria but all over the world.Interesting you could see protests in Lagos,Abeokuta, Calabar ,Abuja.It is like the Nigerians are waking up to this reality that you can protest to get things done

A:And  each time ,to add to what you  have said,each time the government is under pressure, the Boko Haram will come out in their support by taking responsibility.I wonder if it is an accident or a design.And look at the Dame(Patience Jonathan) it took her three weeks to acknowledge and shed her crocodile tears over the abduction of these girls.Only for her to turn round and get them arrested,those protesting.And in fact if it weren’t for the fact that the international community have taken an interest in these girls,it would just have been swept under the carpet like any other carnage..o yes like the one in Yobe.You know those that were slaughtered,nobody said anything.The international community was not interested.So nothing was said about the students that were killed in Yobe.They have long been forgotten.Jonathan never paid them a visit.Look at what happened in Nyanya,after the first bomb blast, he went and was merrymaking in Kano. I mean what sort of president is that?Why doesn’t he care?Why doesn’t he feel?..Even the international community is now saying he is not doing enough.The United States is saying he is not doing enough to combat terrorism.It’s true.So why is he not doing enough in spite of the colossal amount of money he is sinking in his so called war against terrorism?Is  terrorism now not a money making venture?It is  for them.This blood, and like the Dame was saying, this blood, this blood.She is right whether she wants it or not.It is the truth.And let me tell you,the first person to be destroyed by God Almighty in this country are those who are keeping quiet for the pittance they are getting.They will be the first people to be destroyed.All nthose people that are white what do you call it when you paint lies

A:When you white wash lies.They will be destroyed b y God Almighty,first and foremost..Because most of the people supporting this government,let me tell you nobody supports them  between God and themselves but for the money they are making.For the money they are making,northern elders do not say anything especially our emirs and some of our pastors and some of our Imams.But you know what?Like I always say,what goes around comes around.Today the victims (are) these poor people.Tomorrow ,they themselves will be victims.

Q:Before you mentioned pastors and Imams I was going to say there are claims by those close to government that  they can always win northern support,that  a lot of northerners support them secretly

A:Well  those who support them secretly

Q:Northern elite

A:Of  course ,the northern elite are those that are close or have access to them.We call them the executive almajiris,you know, northerners are generally perceived as beggars,the almajiris.Yes, the executive almajiris are these so-called northern elites and so called northern elders,both Christians and muslims,they are the executive almajiris.Because these are people that are not doing anything.They are ex governors, ex this,ex perm secs, all these ex, ex ,ex,impotent ,doing nothing.Parasites.They are parasites even to us.Even to the northerners ,they are parasites.So to continue to sustain their insatiable apetite, they have to go cap (in hand ) to the president.And they do it to any president.But you see, they are minority.In Hausa we say sarkin yawa ya fi sarkin karfe,that the king of numbers is greater than the king of strength,and they will see it.They will see it…Let me tell you,even if we don’t say anything,this God Almighty is a God of Justice.Whether we say it or we don’t say it.Whether we open our tongues or we don’t open our tongues.We will open our tongues  because we want to stand before God Almighty and say God we have tried to the best of our ability.But  those who keep quiet and those who perpetrate evil are  one and the same,and they will all pay for it,whether we say anything or we don’t say anything.

NajaQ:What is your message to the women(and men) protesting on the streets urging government to Bring back our girls?

A:It’s to fight on.I wish I can fight along  with you but Iam  ill. I wish I can go onto the streets along with them but I don’t have the strength.But they have to fight on.You see ,evil is being done because nobody say anthing or do anything.We allow evil to happen because we don’t say anything.To keep quiet is to accept.

Q:I can see Oby Ezekwesili and others leading the protest and it’s become quite interesting

A:Yes they should…(And )the First Lady is accusing the protesters of wanting to kill her husband.She is more interested in remaining in power to plunder than  the lives of the people of this country.They don’t care if this country is in ashes so long as they have access to the coffers of this country.I mean that is all they do….

Q:On Al-Mustapha?

A:……We were praying for Almustapha to be free.Our children were protesting for him to be free,but look at the way he is paying us.We thought it was a lie against him,but now we know better.

Q:So you don’t believe Almustapha’s denial
A:No ,I don’t.I don’t .Because one he was freed by this government and the first thing he did was to  go and  pledge his allegiance ,not only to the President but to Mr Edwin Clark,and then he started mobilizing northern youths for him in Kaduna.Fortunately ,they were all stoned by the youths themselves.How can he deny?What is he denying?

Q:It is the point of (allegedly) training snipers(as Sheik Khalil mentioned) that appears to get him and he is uncomfortable with.

A:Then he  has to prove himself.Let him prove himself.But he has disappointed the northerners.He has disappointed those  that prayed and loved him when he was in prison.He is a big disappointment quite honestly.

Q:Let’s come back to this war and 2015.The president is delaying his declaration.Do you think he should run?

A:They say he has a right to.I don’t care.For me, I don’t go for him and I cannot call on anybody to go for him for the simple reason that you cannot defend him in terms of his colossal amount of corruption.Nobody can deny that.No matter how much you want to defend this government,no matter how much you are getting from this government ,you can’t deny that it is the most corrupt government that we have ever had.It is not about inflating contracts,it’s about outright stealing.You can’t deny it.You can’t deny the fact that people have been pauperized because of it,because of this incompetence,because of the corruption.You cannot deny it.You cannot deny the fact that there is total chaos in  our country,total breakdown of law and order.Even they don’t obey court order.See what happened to Sanusi Lamido.The court says give him back his passport, they refused to give him back his passport.He decided to use his green passport, they now took it away in spite of the court order.he even showed them the court order.They said no, from above, we have gotten an  instruction.So the above is greater than the courts.So in a country where the president himself  breaks the law with impunity, who do you expect to obey the law?Who do you think will be in charge?Who is in control?(It  doesn’t ) seem to be anybody in  control today.

Q:Even if Jonathan doesn’t get it, do you think there is the right kind of leadership  in the north to rescue the region

A:You see for me personally,quite honestly, what I want is not so much a northerner.No.Our Prophet(PBUH) Said to rule with an infidel(an infidel is somebody who is not a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim,who has defied the existence of God-that is the meaning of infidel,even though the word  is misused but that is the real meaning)..Somebody who denies the existence of God.In the Quran we have …. the people of The Book who are Christians and Jews as well as Muslims.We all have books…Now what our prophet is saying is to rule with a just infidel is better than an unjust Muslim.The first law according to the Quran is a law that was set by God Almighty Himself.When  Allah created the Heavens and the Earth and then ,He made the first Decree.The first Decree  was said by God ‘I have denied myself the right to injustice and I have denied that right to any of my creatures’.So  that’s the first law.So the first law is on leadership.God has the ability and the right to just turn everybody into mud and create others,but He said I have denied Myself,the right to be unjust and I have denied injustice between my creatures.He didn’t say Christian or Muslim.They should always be just.The Bible says that,the Quran says .Every book says that.Even the infidels,they have their own laws on justice.So for God’s sake ,for me, it’s not about the north or the south  or whatever.It’s petty.It’s a lie.It’s a gimmick and nobody can put a screen over my face.The truth is that we need somebody who can deliver,who can take us out of this mess.It doesn’t matter where that person comes from.And we have to scout for that person.

Q:Whether APC or PDP?

A:No,it has to be APC.There is no hope in PDP.


A:No there is no hope.It’s a hopeless situation.Look at Mr President going to Kano my state and saying on the air that ‘I have given money to Kwankwaso.He said it himself in Kano.It’s unbelievable,in public.What do you say about that president?He has confirmed to us and to the whole world,that everything he ever got,he paid for.So that is not democratic.If you have to be paid to vote, then there is no democracy.Democracy is  about choice.Democracy should be an institution.It isnot something you are paid kobo,no,no that is not democracy.That is theft.Alot of people have been disenfranchised as a result of that.

Q:So you believe the APC is more reliable?

A:It is .Definitely.Moreso, the common man.You see, the APC is not owned by these elites that you see around.No,it is owned by the common man.People are desperately looking for a way out.And for them, the APC is the way out because the PDP has been ruling this country since 1999 and there is nothing to show for it but blood,blood, blood.Poverty,poverty,poverty.Divide and rule.If we want a Nigeria, for God’s sake,let’s have a Nigeria.If we don’t want a Nigeria,let us be honest and truthful enough  to come out and say let us all go our separate way.But for God’s sake ,let us go in peace.When some people will sit and say you are parasites,you are drinking our oil,this and this,you are not doing anything,you don’t put anything into (the coffers),then it is your country and not our country.Let us go for God’s sake let us go.Why do we need to kill ourselves?After a hundred years,we still hate each other.Why are we lying?But if you go to the common man, the Ibo, the Yoruba,whoever,the Itsekiri,go to all our markets.I was shocked,I sent for this tesbaha that we use like a rosary.Ibos are selling them in Kano.Do you know that Ibos are the ones selling it in Kano?In the heart of Kano city,nobody is bothered about that.They are doing their business,going about their business.But tomorrow you will hear Oritsejafor,saying that oh this is against Christians,come back.Not one person has moved back to the East.

Q:…The president told us two days ago that he is still consulting(on whetherther is the need to extend  the state of emergency in the north east) .From what we have now,do you think  a further extension of the emergency is necessary?

Q:No,because it hasn’t achieved anything.In fact,he is so ignorant of his responsibilities.In fact ,what the president and the IG (are) telling Nigerians  is that when they give you security ,they are doing you a favour.I saw it in one of the president’s speeches where he was scolding the Borno State governor for saying that the

Q;Boko Haram are better motivated

A:Yes, are better motivated.And the president was saying if I remove the soldiers,I will see if you can still stay in that your Government House.I mean,he doesn’t even know his responsibility.You are not doing the Borno State governor any favour.It is your responsibility.That is what you are paid for.That is why you are there .And the first responsibility of the is to five security to lives and property,to all Nigerians.But today,people are coming in from Cameroun,coming in from Chad to kill Nigerians including your own people in Cross River,nobody is saying anything.Camerounians are going into the creeks in Cross River,killing their people,nobody is mentioning that.Nobody is talking about that because Cross River is not Ijaw.Why is it that a President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with over 150million people is still thinking Ijaw?A minority within a minority.He is a minority even in Ijawland.That’s why he was made a deputy governor.If you want,go and be an Ijaw chief,because your thoughtand everything in your brain is Ijaw.Even in Bayelsa,Bayelsa was  Yenagoa Local Government.One local government out of Rivers was carved out to be Bayelsa State by (late General Sani)Abacha,a northerner,a Muslim.But toda you are only thinking of Bayelsa.Not even Bayelsa,but your small local government of Bayelsa.I mean what do you say about that?The  IG told Nyako that they are withdrawing,in fact, they withdrew a lot of his security.Why?They  are telling Nigerians that when we give you security,we are doing you a favour.They have lost the essence of their being there.They don’t even know why they  are there.But they are desperately wanting to hold on to power..Power for what purpose?Of what purpose is the power to Mr President apart from serving himself and those around him?

Q:But the president declares that he is going to run now,what do you think will happen?

A:I don’t care whether he runs or not.I don’t really care whether he runs or not.For me personally,I don’t care.But Nigerians who believe in Nigeria must make sure that he doesn’t get there.Because if he gets there,I can say with no fear of contradiction that this country might not survive it,because nobody can survive this carnage.We are at war,but we don’t even seem to know whom the enemy is.

Q:That if Jonathan is re-elected Nigeria may not survive?

A:This is my belief..,because like General Abdulsalami said 2015 is the turning point.You know what pisses me off about this country is that those who have the stakes, the business professionals are the ones that are  pushig and putting fuel into the fire.You see, when people are obsessed with oppressing others,with stealing,they don’t see,they don’t hear,they don’t understand,until they destroy themselves.They will continue to destroy until the destruction is right under their foot….They don’t even seem to realize that they themselves are going down.Can you imagine the IG saying that he is withdrawing security from Nyako?You know why?Because it’s his time to go,he wants an extension.And unfortunately for Mr President,he is behaving like a sissy.I love you,I love you,I love you,they hate you.I love you,I love you.So he listens to the I love you.But he doesn’t seem to say what have you done to show that you love me apart from using me.He should be able to think.Okay what have you done for me as people that love me?How have you made governance good for the people Iam supposed to be leading?He is totally dependent on others  rather than himself.And all these people around him like a cow.They are just milking him.So the are telling him all sorts of lies.But what surprises me and why Iam not giving him any excuse is that:why  is he not seeing beyond his nose?He is either pretending that he doesn’t see beyond his nose or he is really part and parcel of this.

Q:..Your analysis is almost the same thing with what General Olusegeun Obasanjo has said that something is  happening and it’s like the president is failing to rise to the occasion.He raised allegation of training of snipers,putting some politicians on watchlist and all that.Some people tried to condemn Obasanjo, saying that was talking rubbish because he had run out of favour.Between Obasanjo and Jonathan, who is more believable giving what you are saying?

A:I don’t look at the messenger,I look at the message.For me,quite honestly,I have very little respect for General Obasanjo.But Ilook into the message not the messenger.

Q:You believe his message.. ?

A:Yes, I do.Moreso, the president failed to answer the questions raised by Obasanjo.He just went beating about the bush.He did not tackle any of the issues raised by Obasanjo.That is why I believe morein Obasanjo than Mr President.

Q:Now,  if a former head of state/president could get so disenchanted to the point of writing such a  letter that was leaked ,how safe are we  as citizens?

A:Nobody needs to tell you that you are not safe when you get to Nyanya or when you get to the market.Do you need anybody to tell you that you are not safe?When you are in a hold up, are you safe?When you go to the bank are you safe?When you are travelling on the road ,are you safe ?When you are on the air,are you safe?Do you feel safe?No.

Q:On  a final note..To save Nigeria now you have to save the north and  things have gotten to the extent General Danjuma said that the North is on fire..

A:He said it years ago.General Danjuma  said it years ago but what did he do about it.You see,they say in Hausa, ko kashi ne  ye tudun haka abun tsoro ne..Let me use the vulgar language,even if it’s shit thatis so big like a mountain,you need to fear it.I was reading on the internet about a sermon by a cleric who had questioned northerners especially our  northern so-called leaders.He questioned  General TY Danjuma,he questioned  General Yakubu Gowon.He questionedGeneral Buhari.He questioned  Generals Babangida and Abdulsalami.He said all these things happening around you,what have you done,what have you said?They did not do anything or say anything.Our emirs, our pastors,what have you said?Our Muslim clerics,what have you said?If these people will open their mouths and say NO,it will be NO.Because even if it is shit this big,people will fear it.They are not saying anything.My fear is that the common man will try to free himself.This has always happened in history.When you push people to the wall,they always fight back because there is nowhere else to go.And when they start to fight back,they are totally angry,disillusioned,hungry and merciless because nobody has ever shown them mercy.You know what?They will kill anybody they see with a nice car.They will burn every good house.And you know what?They will do it to these so called northern leaders first and foremost because they have looked up to them to save them and they have not.They have failed them, they will take the law into their hands.The north is definitely on fire.But when you are on fire you try  to look for water.And there is  no water.Since there is no water, you have to hold the next person to you  and you burn and die together.This is what will will happen in the north quite honestly.My prayer is that is that the so-called elders will start taking responsibility.Start saying no,enough is enough!I mean look at what is happening about the abduction of these girls, who is coming out here to say anything.In fact, you even need the southerners to say no to it.They are the ones that are even fighting for your girls…I mean soothing is wrong somewhere.We have a culture in the north,good or  bad, but that is the reality.Northerners are generally introverts.They can’t exhibit their feelings.And this thing is take to be  you are mumu.Sociologically, we are different.Generally,if you take the Ibos, they are extroverts.And the Yoruba is somewhere between the Ibo and the Hausa man.But the northerners are generally introverts,they don’t talk.But when they do act, they start acting to the end.They have done it before.And I pray they do it again.But I pray that these things  they are swallowing, that it shouldn’t explode to the point where nobody will be safe.We pray to God Almighty  that God will  find us a  way.We are all praying.It’s everybody’s responsibility to pray becauseto my southern friends,I say you know what? A lot of the investments areyours.You have a lot of investments here.Somebody who has investments should be looking for peace not war because he is going to be the greatest loser.But it will happen either as they want it .Or if God intervenes by His grace, then we  have peace in this country.


  1. “Why are we lying?But if you go to the common man, the Ibo, the Yoruba,whoever,the Itsekiri,go to all our markets.I was shocked,I sent for this tesbaha that we use like a rosary.Ibos are selling them in Kano.Do you know that Ibos are the ones selling it in Kano?In the heart of Kano city,nobody is bothered about that.They are doing their business,going about their business.But tomorrow you will hear Oritsejafor,saying that oh this is against Christians,come back.Not one person has moved back to the East”. Really?


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