2015:How Igbos Can Produce Nigeria’s President-PPA Chairman

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The National Chairman of the Progressive Peoples Alliance PPA, Chief  Sam Nkire has said that the easiest way for Igbos to realise their dream of producing the President of Nigeria was for them to embrace and support the Progressive Peoples Alliance.

Chief Nkire said PPA was a party which believed in zoning and fair distribution of political offices among tribes and religions. According to him Igbos can be surer of having their rights and privileges preserved in PPA than in any other party in Nigeria. The PPA boss lamented the plight of Igbos in the country, especially in the present regime where according him Igbos got the worst ‘deal’.

Nkire said Igbos who are one of the three largest tribes in Nigeria ought to produce at any point in time, either President or Vice -President, Senate President or Speaker

House of Reps  or Chief justice of the Federation. He said that it was sad to see some prominent Igbo sons and daughters within the corridors of fight for personal interest instead of group interest.

The PPA National Chairman therefore urged Igbos to unite and take their pride of place, adding that it was unfortunate that at this point in time no Igbo man or woman occupied the exalted positions of President, Vice-president, Senate President, Speaker House of Reps, Chief Justice of Nigeria, Chairman of the ruling party or even chairman BOT.

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